Day 1: Introduce yourself

This entry is a part of my 30 day character challenge and does not actually reflect who I am or the thoughts that I have. Please see the introductory blog post for more information. 
My name is Scott. I’m obviously using a fake name because I don’t want others to see this side of me. I have a bad habit of being different versions of myself to different people, yet I’m going to try and show all sides of me here, today.
I’m a middle aged man, married with kids. My wife and I have been together for 8 or so years (depending on when you begin counting) and we recently moved into a new house. I’m currently unemployed but that shouldn’t surprise you- commitment, whether to a woman or a career- was never really my thing.
I’ve only ever lived in the midwest, although I did spend a couple years in the military. I was dishonorably discharged after borrowing a tank and taking it for a joyride, so I definitely look upon those years with fondness. Speaking of those days… I want a beer. Until tomorrow!

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