Get stuff done.

So, I am a doer. Not in the kind that people talk about when they take a strengths finder quiz or the Myers-Briggs crap they post on their Okcupid profile. I mean, I just get stuff done. I don’t talk about how nice it would be to get something done or how someone else should do it/change it. No, I just do it.

What sucks is that I only know this because a former boyfriend pointed it out. He pointed it out over a year ago when I was having my stress-of-graduating attack and went to him, crying. He had just done his strengths finder and happened to recognize that I’m a doer.

What I mean to say though is my brand manager needs to find a way to convey the fact that I just get shit done. She asked me what my “title” should say. Blogger? Writer? I said it should say “awesome” but I’m not sure if that is sustainable. [To clarify, me being awesome is sustainable, but being so… not-humble about it may not be] I’m more of a… an all around get shit doner. Ha, doner. That looks like boner.


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