Happy Tuesday to me

So first and foremost I need to rant about how much the elevator algorithm in my building sucks. There are two elevators for 14 floors of apartments. Surprisingly, I rarely see anyone, unless of course they are there to cock me off. [And yes, I am using words like that in order to get more hits. It’s the way of the internet folks]. I am able to see which floors the elevators are on, so when one is on 6 and the other on 9, which do you think comes down to get me? The one on 9 of course, because it makes no sense. A bigger issue yet is that it doesn’t even seem like it uses any logic. It isn’t designed to have one sit on 6 at all times, because that would sort of make sense to sit half way (floors go basement through 12). The elevators basically just sit where ever they were last called, which is pointless for so many reasons. Elevators can be smarter than this.

Anyway, why am I ranting about elevators you ask? Because I was sitting at work today and having nearly completed all that I was to do I asked myself “hmm.. its 11:30… what should I do for lunch?” Normally I just sit at my desk and maybe read a blog or two (or like yesterday, follow WWDC). Today I was feeling a little down though for some reason. Pinpointing that reason is nearly impossible as 10 minutes prior I was in a pretty exciting meeting. I love the projects that I’m working on right now and it is actually something that I care about. I could go on and on about the possible reasons for my mood change though… maybe it’s because I’m not eating as much to try and drop my 5lbs from travel-gain. Maybe it’s because I am PMSing or something. Maybe it is because I’m not being challenged enough at work or I don’t have enough on my plate. Maybe it is because I’m lazy and just wish I were at home playing The Sims (especially with my new Pets expansion pack!!). Lastly, it could be because I’m suppose to update my silly resume for MBA stuff and I need to get it done today but I keep putting it off.

So I came home for lunch. In this hour I will probably blog (check), eat a snack, finish my resume, and put in a load of laundry. The more I can accomplish the better because then I will feel useful.


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