Trip of love

So I absolutely love my team. And I had the best business trip ever. Actually, it wasn’t better than the last in terms of awesomeness from a work standpoint, but a lot of really cool things happened to me. First, I finally got an email from Stanford. Like I’ve said before, they have been playing hard to get with me and haven’t sent me anything since I got the confirmation email of “expressing interest”. I nearly shit myself because while I understand that getting an email is nothing like getting accepted, I am excited to have come this far. Also, it’s better than not being contacted at all.

I also got to drive by Stanford and sigh longingly. I fell in love with California to the max and now I’m absolutely sure that it’s where I want to be.

The next totally awesome part? I just found out that one of the companies that I will visit this summer at my Booth Program is Google. Yes, I said Google. Google in Chicago. I am so excited I could die. What if I don’t want to leave? I’d probably just have to move in there or something.

The lame part of my trip? All the airline delays. We were late as shit getting out of MSP (damn Delta!) and the flight then felt that much longer. I’m sitting at the airport again now and I’m very much hoping that shit shiznet gets out on time.

But why do I love my team you ask? Because they are awesome. Today I was hungover and said that I wish I could have taken home my leftovers from our vendor dinner last night because pasta is awesome for a hangover. My manager told me that I should have because I’m running the show mostly and that I need to remember to just do stuff and then stick to the “ask for forgiveness, not for permission” philosophy. It’s a good philosophy.

I also love them because I feel like they all appreciate and accept me for who I am. They don’t want me to change my sarcasm or put on a front because they think I’m awesomesauce already. This is something that I always value because, to be honest, it is rare. Like I’ve said before, people either love me or they don’t, but the truth is, the love is a lot harder to come across. So, High Five to my team. You guys are awesome(sauce).


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