A lovely Sunday jaunt

So Joe and I woke up this morning with the desire to go for a bike ride. His alternative “we could drive to Yo-yo for donuts instead!” made my plan an easy one. We biked to Yo-yo. Somewhere along the line we got off of the trail, and I looked at my iPhone. We were technically still mostly on the trail, and we were only maybe 2 miles away! So, we biked for another 4 miles before realizing I had somehow angled us back to the city. This is in part my fault because I always try to be sneaky and stuff, so I didn’t tell Joe where we were going. He said I should have realized we got turned around because all of a sudden the sun was on the other side of us “the sun rises in the east baby… there is no way we are still heading west.” Dammit!

Once we realized, we turned around and finally got on the right track. Things were becoming familiar as we were coming upon the correct streets. After what was to be our last turn, all that stood between us and a few donuts was a huge as hill. I couldn’t even make it up actually… I had to walk my bike after about half way. That was okay though, because soon enough I would be cramming a maple-bacon long john down my throat.

Eventually, we made it. We were walking around the front trying to figure out a good place to lock our bikes when I glanced up to the unlit “open” sign. Yes, unlit. Meaning, they were closed. Why were they closed you ask? No fricken idea, because their hours on Sunday are 7:00am-Noon and we were there just before 10a. The sign on the door said they were closed though, due to Memorial Day. I think I saw a tear in Joe’s eye.

We reluctantly turned around. Hungry as shit, we knew we wouldn’t make it all the way back without stopping somewhere. We ended up stopping at The Depot due to its awesome proximity of being on the trail. After a silly duel with barista, I conceded and accepted my “smoothie” with almond milk rather than water. I hate milk. It was okay though.

We also got donuts. They were old fashioned and while that isn’t the kind we normally like (we are a “raised” duo) they tasted really damn good, probably because of our hunger. We lounged around for a while, me trying to cool off as I often succumb to heat exhaustion. Soon enough, we were on our way back. We actually made it home in two pieces (as in, Joe and I each in one piece). Along the way I still got really hot a few times and he would squirt me with his water bottle. After it was all said and done? 28 miles and no Yo-yo donuts.


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