Best. Friday. Ever.

So I got into work around 7:15a this morning. On the way in, Joe was all like “ooohhh… let’s get Caribou,” so I had to say yes. Technically I’ve spent my coffee budget already for the month so I shouldn’t have gotten any, but my sugar daddy was paying.

Flash 40 minutes later to when the donuts for Donut Club arrive (a Friday ritual). The email said they were from Yo-Yo, so I jumped up and skiddadled to the room. I love Yo-Yo more than anything and last weekend was my half birthday and Joe and I were going to go to Yo-Yo bright and early to get celebratory donuts, but then his mom called because she was on her way to his place to get a couch and we had to raincheck it. I was excited by this alone (Yo-Yo being featured for Donut Club) but then when I got there.. the miraculous occured. We scored S’mores donuts. I kid you not.

All of my dreams have come true. This is the best Friday ever. In the world.


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