I’m not Jena Malone

So I had just brought my mom home from the hospital on Tuesday, when I walk into her apartment and see a picture of Jena Malone taped to her fridge. I started laughing instantly, then said “mom, you know this isn’t me, right?” To which she replied “Of course it is! You look so beautiful. I took it off your Facebook page!” I sighed, “No mom, no it is not. That is Jena Malone, the actress.” She rationalized, “Well, why the hell do you have a picture of her on your Facebook? I’ve been telling everyone that’s you. It is even the background on my computer. I thought you looked so pretty!” “Well, that would be my doppelganger, mom. Thanks, though?” and then I was going to take a picture of it on her fridge but I didn’t have my phone on me.

This isn’t the first time I’ve been mistaken for Jena Malone either. I’ve been asked multiple times (most recently at a party about a month ago) if I’ve ever acted or why I look so familiar. It’s kind of different coming from your own mother though, you know?

As a side note, her birthday is one day after mine, which is sorta weird.


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