So I was accepted to Carlson yesterday. This wasn’t a big surprise, but I’m still thankful to not have been rejected. I’m really not sure what to do now though…

I met with a friend for drinks the other night. We went to Macalester together and I think she has a really good head on her shoulders. Her perspective was that I shouldn’t even go to Carlson, even if to just boost my GPA for other applications. I think I’m beginning to agree.

While at first I wanted to go to Carlson to keep me busy and engaged, it would also be a nice tool to show the Stanford admissions committee that I am ready for business school and will take it seriously. However, if my heart isn’t in to Carlson, this may not achieve the desired effect.

On a related note, yesterday I had a phone interview with YPOTC, a group for young professionals of the twin cities (thus, the name). I applied to serve on the board as VP of Information Technology, and I really want it. I’m always looking for opportunities to network and engage with my community. This is a perfect way to join both my passion for board work and for developing my tech skills. I’m looking forward to hearing back from them. I think hearing back from them will help me make my Carlson decision.


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