Moving in

So, Joe and I found an apartment. It is in the same building I was already living in, which is nice because 1) they just let me transfer my lease to my upgraded room and 2) it will be hella easier to move me as I don’t need to touch anything in my storage room and I only need to bring things down a floor.

We are moving in today.

Well, more specifically, we are moving my stuff in today because I need to be out of my old apartment by tomorrow and he doesn’t need to be out of his until the end of June. So, we are going to move all of my stuff first and then get his when we are under less of a time pressure.

This is so nice for so many reasons, but mainly I’m happy because I won’t be increasing my commute at all (currently 7 minutes) and Joe won’t have to concern himself with the stresses of moving while just starting out in his grad school program (beginning of June).

If you’ll remember from my Condo v. Rent post, one “pro” I listed for buying a condo was being able to paint. Well, turns out, they will paint things in my building too! We get to have an “accent wall.” A few weeks ago, Joe and I went paint shopping and got a really pretty blue. I’m so excited to spice up my our apartment!

Lastly, I’m so excited to move in with Joe because he is the most awesome person ever and wakes me up every morning with a back rub just because he knows I don’t like the sound of alarm clocks. I’m serious.


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