My super awesome weekend

So over a month ago, Joe and I made reservations to go camping this past weekend. Our plan was to bike there and practice biking/camping for when we do the MS150 in a few weeks. Well, thanks to the lovely Minnesota weather (and Joe’s weak knees), we decided to drive. We just barely got our tent up Friday night when the rain started, and spent the rest of the evening watching HIMYM on his cell phone in the tent.

Saturday morning, the weather was still crap and a half. So, we decided to cheat a little and went back to his place until it stopped raining. We watched some more HIMYM and I took a nap from the crappy night of sleep I got the night before. After looking at the weather forecast, we decided to give up on staying there again Saturday night, which ended up being the best idea we’ve ever had because at around 2am that night the sirens were going off. Phew!

We turned Saturday into a totally awesome day though. After some fun shopping at Crate and Barrel (we are getting excited for our big move this weekend!!) we went to see the Avengers. Awesome fricken movie. The not awesome part? That half the audience was kids under 7. Four seats down from Joe was a little boy who hummed through the whole thing. Directly behind us?- a kid that wouldn’t stop playing with his damn transformers car that his parents let him bring for some unknown reason. Since when did it become okay to bring your kid with toys to a movie to forgo the babysitter costs?

On Sunday I volunteer the two of us (aka, voluntold Joe), for the Living Green Expo. We manned a booth for Second Harvest Heartland (a great organization that collects food from grocers and other sources where it would normally go unused and then distributes it to food shelves across Minnesota). I had a good time because I was wearing my Macalester sweatshirt and people stopped to talk to me about that. I also snuck away for a few minutes to get a massage from the free massage booth across from us. Joe thought this was wrong, I thought it was using my volunteer time wisely.


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