A lovely Sunday jaunt

So Joe and I woke up this morning with the desire to go for a bike ride. His alternative “we could drive to Yo-yo for donuts instead!” made my plan an easy one. We biked to Yo-yo. Somewhere along the line we got off of the trail, and I looked at my iPhone. We were technically still mostly on the trail, and we were only maybe 2 miles away! So, we biked for another 4 miles before realizing I had somehow angled us back to the city. This is in part my fault because I always try to be sneaky and stuff, so I didn’t tell Joe where we were going. He said I should have realized we got turned around because all of a sudden the sun was on the other side of us “the sun rises in the east baby… there is no way we are still heading west.” Dammit!

Once we realized, we turned around and finally got on the right track. Things were becoming familiar as we were coming upon the correct streets. After what was to be our last turn, all that stood between us and a few donuts was a huge as hill. I couldn’t even make it up actually… I had to walk my bike after about half way. That was okay though, because soon enough I would be cramming a maple-bacon long john down my throat.

Eventually, we made it. We were walking around the front trying to figure out a good place to lock our bikes when I glanced up to the unlit “open” sign. Yes, unlit. Meaning, they were closed. Why were they closed you ask? No fricken idea, because their hours on Sunday are 7:00am-Noon and we were there just before 10a. The sign on the door said they were closed though, due to Memorial Day. I think I saw a tear in Joe’s eye.

We reluctantly turned around. Hungry as shit, we knew we wouldn’t make it all the way back without stopping somewhere. We ended up stopping at The Depot due to its awesome proximity of being on the trail. After a silly duel with barista, I conceded and accepted my “smoothie” with almond milk rather than water. I hate milk. It was okay though.

We also got donuts. They were old fashioned and while that isn’t the kind we normally like (we are a “raised” duo) they tasted really damn good, probably because of our hunger. We lounged around for a while, me trying to cool off as I often succumb to heat exhaustion. Soon enough, we were on our way back. We actually made it home in two pieces (as in, Joe and I each in one piece). Along the way I still got really hot a few times and he would squirt me with his water bottle. After it was all said and done? 28 miles and no Yo-yo donuts.

Best. Friday. Ever.

So I got into work around 7:15a this morning. On the way in, Joe was all like “ooohhh… let’s get Caribou,” so I had to say yes. Technically I’ve spent my coffee budget already for the month so I shouldn’t have gotten any, but my sugar daddy was paying.

Flash 40 minutes later to when the donuts for Donut Club arrive (a Friday ritual). The email said they were from Yo-Yo, so I jumped up and skiddadled to the room. I love Yo-Yo more than anything and last weekend was my half birthday and Joe and I were going to go to Yo-Yo bright and early to get celebratory donuts, but then his mom called because she was on her way to his place to get a couch and we had to raincheck it. I was excited by this alone (Yo-Yo being featured for Donut Club) but then when I got there.. the miraculous occured. We scored S’mores donuts. I kid you not.

All of my dreams have come true. This is the best Friday ever. In the world.

I’m not Jena Malone

So I had just brought my mom home from the hospital on Tuesday, when I walk into her apartment and see a picture of Jena Malone taped to her fridge. I started laughing instantly, then said “mom, you know this isn’t me, right?” To which she replied “Of course it is! You look so beautiful. I took it off your Facebook page!” I sighed, “No mom, no it is not. That is Jena Malone, the actress.” She rationalized, “Well, why the hell do you have a picture of her on your Facebook? I’ve been telling everyone that’s you. It is even the background on my computer. I thought you looked so pretty!” “Well, that would be my doppelganger, mom. Thanks, though?” and then I was going to take a picture of it on her fridge but I didn’t have my phone on me.

This isn’t the first time I’ve been mistaken for Jena Malone either. I’ve been asked multiple times (most recently at a party about a month ago) if I’ve ever acted or why I look so familiar. It’s kind of different coming from your own mother though, you know?

As a side note, her birthday is one day after mine, which is sorta weird.

A family emergency

So I can’t believe it is already Wednesday. This past weekend was busy moving more of Joe’s things and gettings stuff from Ikea. Our internet was supposed to be up and running on Monday, but alas, it was not (and is not). Joe’s more upset about it than I am, but I’m looking forward to it too! I’ve already tapped out my 4GB of hotspot from my iPhone, so I’m really internetless until that gets set up.

Sunday night we were just lounging around and putting stuff away when I noticed I had a voicemail from my Grandma. She called to tell me that my mom was in the hospital because she fell down the stairs Friday night. My Grandma had gone to Fargo on Saturday morning (after finishing her coffee and buying a house, mind you- which is just funny to all of us who know her) to be with her and said she wasn’t doing too well. Apparently she shattered her hand/wrist/arm (not sure really) and had had surgery already. I got my mom’s phone number from her and called her right away. She sounded so sad. She told me that it happened at about 11:30 Friday night. She called 911 herself and they rushed her into surgery. As she was describing looking down and seeing bone and blood I got a little queasy, but mostly I just felt really bad for her.

I was also really upset that I didn’t find out until Sunday night. This happened on Friday and no one bothered to call me? My mom said she had talked to Curt and her sister and my grandma, and no one even let me know. If I had been called on Saturday or something, I could have dropped what I was doing and rushed up there. We don’t always get along but at the end of the day, she is still my mom!

I had a hard time falling asleep Sunday as I was thinking about what if she died and no one even called me then either. Sometimes I joke about being better off with her life insurance money, but at the end of the day, I can’t lose my mom. Things like this make you think a little more seriously about things and that was tough. After talking it through with Joe we decided to go up and see her on Monday.

Monday morning I went into work for a couple of meetings that I had and then we drove up around noon. Going through a crisis like this really made me appreciate my employer, everyone was awesome and supportive and it wasn’t a big deal for me to leave for 2 days. When we got to Fargo we went straight to the hospital, my mom was really surprised. I brought her an electric blanket because I knew she was freezing in that place. Joe and I sat and visited with her for a while; I cleaned the blood off her hand and took her for a walk. They said they would release her on Tuesday so Joe and I came back in the morning to check her out.

We got her home all right, but it was hard for me to go into her place, for multiple reasons. The last time I was at our house (before she moved) all the furniture was intact. It was hard to see it all moved and now at this townhouse that I’ve never been to. The blood was hard to see too. For as much as there was you’d think someone had lost an entire arm or something. I tried helping her out as much as I could, but it was hard to be there and I had to get back to the cities too.

After we left, I probably cried for like, an hour of the drive. It’s just hard thinking about her living alone and not having anyone to help her out. I worry about her a lot and her falling down and having to go to the hospital doesn’t help cut down the worry. I feel that me being busy with my own life and being used to just ignoring things allows me to not be consumed with guilt and sadness. The way Joe help me rationalize it is that I don’t get all sad when I think about my Grandma living alone, so I shouldn’t think about it being sad with my mom either. This sounds fine and dandy, but harder to apply than to philosophize about. I caller her last night to check in though and she said her sister is there to help her. I felt better knowing that.

Gift Card Collection

So I have a collection of Target GiftCards. I’ve only been collecting since 2001, so it isn’t like I have that many.

I started researching online lately, and surprise, other people have some really kick ass collections out there! I actually found a website that has nearly every single one, including variations to shape and texture. I probably won’t turn as intense about it… but it’s always nice to know there will be a market for when I die and someone wants to sell them all off :)


So I was accepted to Carlson yesterday. This wasn’t a big surprise, but I’m still thankful to not have been rejected. I’m really not sure what to do now though…

I met with a friend for drinks the other night. We went to Macalester together and I think she has a really good head on her shoulders. Her perspective was that I shouldn’t even go to Carlson, even if to just boost my GPA for other applications. I think I’m beginning to agree.

While at first I wanted to go to Carlson to keep me busy and engaged, it would also be a nice tool to show the Stanford admissions committee that I am ready for business school and will take it seriously. However, if my heart isn’t in to Carlson, this may not achieve the desired effect.

On a related note, yesterday I had a phone interview with YPOTC, a group for young professionals of the twin cities (thus, the name). I applied to serve on the board as VP of Information Technology, and I really want it. I’m always looking for opportunities to network and engage with my community. This is a perfect way to join both my passion for board work and for developing my tech skills. I’m looking forward to hearing back from them. I think hearing back from them will help me make my Carlson decision.

Mother’s Day

So yesterday was mother’s day. Joe and I were on the light rail going back to his place to meet his family for brunch. Staring outside at all the passing vehicles filled with families, I thought about my own life. It would be nice to see my mom on mother’s day, but, also a big stressor. I set up a hypothetical situation for Joe: in the future, were I to come across a mother’s day where I was in a serious relationship with a guy who also had a mother, it would be nice to bring the families together for a Sunday brunch at my place. I really like to cook and entertain, so all around I see it being a nice day. The reason this would be so nice though, is because it isn’t something I could do right now. Were I to host something similar now, the day would be filled with anxiety and shame, not something I see as being worth the trouble.

I like talking about things like this with Joe because he has the ability to see things… differently. He suggested that, were I in a relationship like that, the guy’s mother/family would just need to be privy to the relationship between my mother and I. I would need to set it up that she may say embarrassing things or make inappropriate comments, but if I level set everyone before hand, I won’t need to be as anxious for how people will react. Sounds like a very reasonable solution to me.

Days like this are always hard for me. I hate all the emails I get from every company telling me how to celebrate mother’s day. Who the hell do they think they are assuming I have a mother that I would like to celebrate? To be fair, I did get her a card. It was one of those really hideous cards with the hobo wearing tight daisy dukes. On the inside it read “It could be worse, at least I’m not that guy” or something like that. It was funny because my mom has this unique ability to make me feel both like a failure and that I’m making her proud at the same time. Kind of a… “well, I still love you anyway” type attitude.

It was actually very hard picking out the card- I didn’t want anything mushy at all but I also wanted it to be someone realistic. I’m pretty happy on what I settled on, and surprisingly, so was she. I got a text message from her yesterday afternoon that read “OMG. Best card EVER!!!!!! Yeah! Thank u SO MUCH!<3!!!!!!!”

After all the mother’s day stuff, Joe and I stopped by his apartment to grab a load of his things. We made a lot more progress than either of us were expecting, which was really nice. We were probably able to bring 80% of all his clothes plus his TV stuff and a dresser. There shouldn’t be too much more to bring up, maybe even just one more load.

We are getting settled in very nicely. I love the apartment so much, it is so big and the air conditioning works a lot better than in my old one, and it just feels like our place. I’m so happy we waited until we found a place we could move into together rather than just having one move in with the other. It sure makes it more special.

Moving in

So, Joe and I found an apartment. It is in the same building I was already living in, which is nice because 1) they just let me transfer my lease to my upgraded room and 2) it will be hella easier to move me as I don’t need to touch anything in my storage room and I only need to bring things down a floor.

We are moving in today.

Well, more specifically, we are moving my stuff in today because I need to be out of my old apartment by tomorrow and he doesn’t need to be out of his until the end of June. So, we are going to move all of my stuff first and then get his when we are under less of a time pressure.

This is so nice for so many reasons, but mainly I’m happy because I won’t be increasing my commute at all (currently 7 minutes) and Joe won’t have to concern himself with the stresses of moving while just starting out in his grad school program (beginning of June).

If you’ll remember from my Condo v. Rent post, one “pro” I listed for buying a condo was being able to paint. Well, turns out, they will paint things in my building too! We get to have an “accent wall.” A few weeks ago, Joe and I went paint shopping and got a really pretty blue. I’m so excited to spice up my our apartment!

Lastly, I’m so excited to move in with Joe because he is the most awesome person ever and wakes me up every morning with a back rub just because he knows I don’t like the sound of alarm clocks. I’m serious.

Oreos + S’mores

So the other weekend, before Joe and I went camping, we bought a package of awesome Oreos for our camping trip. They were a step up from the awesome Oreos I discussed a few months back in Covered in Chocolate.

To celebrate Oreos’ 100th Birthday, they have had different celebratory cookies all year. First it was the Oreos with sprinkles in their cream… the next I found were these ones we got last weekend. Golden oreo halves, covered in milk chocolate, covered in sprinkles. They were just as fantastic as they sound.

While camping, I was like, oh, we should make s’mores out of these. And that we did.

Lame Faucets

So I recently got into the pinterest kick. Today I pinterested “faucet” to look at some really neat faucets because last weekend when Joe and I were at Ikea I tried explaining to him this faucet that I love but it really didn’t work. Anyway, people suck at pinning faucets. They are all like, normal and crap. Like this one:

Source: homedepot.com via Kristi on Pinterest

What the crap even is that? Pinterest isn’t about being realistic and stuff. It’s about creating this dream life that basically doesn’t exist but you use to escape and dream of the awesome life you hope to one day have. Dream bigger, Kristi.

Signed, Awesome Faucet Lover