She’s bbaaaccckkk

So, I’ll admit it. I haven’t written for a while because I’ve been working on other writing projects. Isn’t that terrible? Its almost like I’ve been cheating on you.

What other writing projects, might you ask? First, my book. As I’ve said before I’ve begun putting together my ideas for a book. At this point, I have a pretty solid outline and a few thousand words. I need to now get back into the habit of writing x number of words every day so I can be done with enough time to self-publish before I apply to Stanford.

Second, I’ve started up a writers group at work. It’s a group of ~20 people that write in their free time. It spans from published authors to those like me who are just looking for other writers. I intend to bring the group together on a bi-monthly basis (every two weeks). Activities will range from writing exercises to critiquing each others work to sharing resources on the craft of writing and getting published. I’m excited about it for multiple reasons, but mainly I think it will be a good tool for holding myself accountable to my own writing.

Third, I’ve been going through and reviewing some of my older writing. While I’m trying to maintain my writing style as much as possible, I’m also being more deliberate in the person I am coming across as. Writing is very different from meeting me in person. I know that each of you would love me to pieces, but at the same time, tone/purpose are hard to convey via blog. Obviously this is a skill I need to hone as I believe my writing would be quiet boring without my awesome humor, but, alas, I am rethinking some of my sexual innuendos.


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