The research begins

So I’m totally getting into this whole book writing thing, which isn’t a surprise. Most times I start something new I totally get into it. Hopefully it will last. There isn’t necessarily an exact science for how long the drive will stick around.

Last night and this morning I have been constructing my timeline. It’s basically an excel file with dates and events that have happened over my 24 years of life. As I’m going through all my old journals, I’m grateful for how little I’ve changed, but how much I have, too. I can definitely tell that it is me writing these words, like when I needed to stress the fact that I wasn’t being sarcastic even to myself. There are, however, many character elements I’m glad to have gotten rid of.

For one, I wasn’t all that nice. Which, obviously I feel bad about now, but still kind of half-chuckle/shake my head at the things I did and said. “So when he got back I kicked him and called him a jerk, then I felt bad. I love him so much.” I actually loved a lot at that age, which is silly enough alone.

Another favorite of mine is the goals list I wrote for myself in 7th grade. They are pretty awesome, so I’ll list “My Life Goals” out here:

  1. Go to Nowthen
  2. Win at least $100 in lottery
  3. Have 25 pairs of wearable jeans/pants
  4. Be crowned something at a dance
  5. Go to every state
  6. Have a daughter
  7. Be on TV (after age 13)
  8. Meet Jessica Alba
  9. Beat Super Mario all by myself
  10. Get at least 1 scholarship
  11. Have over a 4.0
  12. Have a date to prom and homecoming
  13. Have someone want me whom I don’t like
  14. Make out with someone at school
  15. Be on a jury
  16. Be on Jerry Springer
  17. Go to Dublin

Really Kate? Really? Some of those are fricken awesome and make me want to high-five my 13 year old self (9-11,17). Others make me wanna go back in time and slap myself (16?!).

On a similar note, I sent out a few emails last night asking for people to meet up with me and talk about the younger years (aka, my childhood). There are a lot of things that blur together that I want dates for, and maybe more context. Having someone else recollect will be helpful. This is going to be a really fun project!


One thought on “The research begins

  1. Well I for one think “Being on Jerry Springer” is an AWESOME goal! Lol.. J/K- It’s always fun to look back at our younger selves and see how clueless we were at times…

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