Bus ride from hell

So, I fainted on the bus this morning. I’m reading Mentally Incontinent by Joe Peacock and this morning I read his recount of being aware during surgery. He had knee surgery and felt the entire thing, recapping the tugging on the ligaments, etc. Let’s just say that I have a very weak stomach for such things and I should have known better than to continue reading.

I faint all the time, like when I get my eye balls cut off and get blood drawn. I hadn’t actually fainted before from just talking about stuff, even though I have had to remove myself from certain conversations. My favorite memory of my queasiness was when my aunt was giving her cat an IV and I threw up my Cheerios. Anyway, it wasn’t necessarily a new phenomenon.

It happened gently too. I began getting really warm and uncomfortable and then I suddenly felt very tired. I couldn’t keep my eyes open and lied my head on the window for a bit. When I came to I ate some grapes, if only because they were nice and cool and I was boiling. I was fine by the time I got downtown though, I just went home to rest for a little bit more and tried to eat some breakfast.

If I had thrown up though, where would I have aimed it? I had my bag of work clothes, but I would have had to empty that first. The bus is just really not a convenient location to get sick.

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