Oh, the games we play…

So I submitted my Booth Summer Scholars application a couple weeks ago. They projected that I would hear back towards the end of March, which just so happens to also be when I am scheduled to take the GMAT. Seeing as I’ve known myself for roughly 23 years, I can safely say that I would lose motivation in, and interest for the GMAT, were I to be rejected just prior to taking the test. Therefore, I figured out a way to fool the system (the system being my head).

First, this is something I’ve always aspired to do. The problem being, I have never known the correct people to team up with. The trick is to plant some type of work-around. In the past, I’ve thought about having people intercept phone calls or mail and not tell me until after a predetermined time. However, I’ve never been able to trust the people around me to be successful with this. I’m a hard person to fool, which means not only can I never have a surprise party (even though I would love one!) but I pick up on little things about people lying to me. Therefore, someone has to be highly skilled at the art of deception for this to work.

Insert Joe! Joe is an equally perceptive person and I thought he would be perfect for my little scheme. He knows what types of things I can pick up on and therefore is able to avoid them (that’s the idea, at least). Here’s the game plan: Joe checks my mail every day and doesn’t tell me if the letter from Booth came. If it does come, he is to open it up and keep whatever it says a secret, unless of course they are requiring some type of acknowledgement by a certain time. I also have a filter set up on my Gmail account to automatically forward any emails containing the word “Booth” to him, having them skip the inbox and get marked as read immediately (a little trick I used back during college for professors…).

Fool proof plan, right? Wrong… (or is it..?). Last night was day 2 of Joe checking my mail. He came upstairs, weirdly looked into his briefcase and then made it look like he was looking at papers (“oh.. this is just my FAFSA”). Instantly I was assured that the letter had come and he was hiding it in his bag. I couldn’t stop thinking about it, and ideas of how to trick him into telling me kept popping in my head. But wasn’t the idea not to know? This also caused me to feel bad about his deception skills…

Today I realized though, he probably was just throwing me off track. If I think the letter already came then I won’t think about it. OR, if he conditions me to think that each day that he checks the mail he also goes into his briefcase, then it’s probably just so I won’t realize a difference when the letter actually does come. Either way, I know nothing more than I did yesterday and I think I just need more evidence.

[Joe: You are not to comment to me in person re: any of this blog post. Any reaction is a tell and you know that.]


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