An old friend

So I was leaving my psychologist’s office this morning, when, out of nowhere, I ran into my roommate from college! We lived together during junior year, but didn’t see too much of each other. He was always at his girlfriend’s and I was a busy person. We were really good friends before that though, I remember first meeting him during first year when I was kind of into his friend and I brought one of my friends along because the guy I was into was bringing his friend. Nothing ever came of that guy (turns out he had a girlfriend who didn’t like us making out on occasion); but his “friend” (they only hung out that one night) has been one of my good friends ever since!

I can understand that running into a friend isn’t all that shocking. However, he lives in Tennessee and I haven’t seen him since graduation a year ago. It was really lovely to run into him- I gave him a huge hug and asked if we could hang out before he went back to Tennessee.

As I continued my walk to work, I began thinking of all the people who have had really meaningful places in my life in the past, but for one reason or another, have fallen away. It makes me sad. It makes me grateful that these people were once in my life even though they aren’t anymore. It makes me want to reconnect with them and hope that things are the same. It makes me want to reach out to Drew and Mollie and all my other awesome, amazing friends over the years and continue my relationships with them.

Then reality kicks in. I’m back at work and realize that life is finite. I’d love to fly to Colorado and North Carolina and then to D.C. too, but the truth is I have work and not enough money, and I think I would miss Joe. Isn’t that lame? I don’t want to start traversing the country without him! I want him with me because he is awesome and a new part of my life that I want to share with the old parts.

But, either way, I’m at work now and have things to do- I can’t be dreaming about gallivanting all over the world and stuff.


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