Business School

So I’ve been studying for the GMAT a lot these last few weeks. It’s going well, I just didn’t expect this Kaplan class to be so time-consuming! I spend about ~20hrs/week taking the classes, practice tests and doing the homework. In some ways it is a lot of fun, especially when I take a practice test and see that my score has improved.

In a lot of other ways, it is kind of a hassle. I get a little annoyed when I am doing work when I could be watching TV or something more enjoyable with Joe. I always have super bad ADHD when I’m sitting at his desk, taking the class online or something- Joe gets a little annoyed with it (as do I). At least when I am doing the class online though I can act up a little bit and not put so much effort into making sure I am quiet and still. This leaves more capacity for paying attention.

Last week Joe and I went to the Booth roadshow. I loved every single thing about it. The location, the caliber of students, the variety in classroom environments, and the extra curricular activities. I really, really think that it’s the school for me. Which is absolutely exciting! At the same time though, they talk about how much hard work it is and one girl was there who was married when she started and wasn’t wearing a ring at the info session, so, I can only conclude that going to Booth leads to divorce. When I am frustrated with my GMAT class taking up so much time and it is only a 1 month commitment, what am I thinking, thinking that 3.5 years of grad school would be a great idea? However, having my MBA would be bad ass. I like that material. I like the networking. It is on my bucket list of things to achieve. And, go hard or go home right? Why not go to a top-10 if I can?

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