Dropped salads

So sometimes I just feel really sad about things that have nothing to do with me. For example, I was at work, walking past the cafeteria. I heard a crash come from behind me and I looked to see that a woman had dropped her lunch! Her entire salad went down and there was a big mess on the floor. I literally had to fight back tears because I felt so bad for her! I can only imagine how embarrassed and disappointed she was… Not to mention the person who has to clean it up and the others who saw it happen as well.

Another example is this morning in my bedroom I looked out the window and watched someone slip on the ice. She wasn’t even a young woman and I really hope she didn’t get hurt at all.

I don’t know why I concern myself with these things. Maybe I think that because I am going to be sad either way that I might as well have something tangible to be sad about? It is frustrating to feel sad when I really have no reason to be. Pretty much my life is great and I’m “happy,” but not in the emotional sense. I don’t feel like anything is missing per say, except for some sun maybe. So why do I feel this way? Other than dropped salads and fallen women of course.


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