Weekend review

So I had a pretty fabulous weekend. Friday night Joe and I went out to Smalley’s for a sports blogger event. We knew Aaron Gleeman and John Bonnes from Joe’s Birthday so it was easy to join in conversations. John’s wife was there and I got to visit with her and some other gals, so we actually stayed for about 4 hours. It was a great time for both of us, and I managed to get Joe on the podcast again (we may actually argue about the details of this, but I forced myself in front of a mic, realized I didn’t have anything to say, then pulled Joe in to take my spot). I got kind of drunk (I had 4 drinks?) which hadn’t happened in a while. Joe brought me a peanut butter sandwich in bed (1 sllliiicccee!) but I couldn’t finish the whole thing. Also- he folded it the wrong way. Who on earth folds the bread top to bottom instead of side to side? Probably the same people who cut their toast up the middle rather than diagonally.

Saturday and Sunday were rather relaxing. We went to the gym both days and then I made some awesome dinners. I’m really getting into this cooking thing over baking. Saturday night I made my cashew chicken recipe again that Joe loves (we had spaghetti for breakfast because I love hangover-pasta). Sunday I made buttermilk pancakes with chocolate chips from scratch; Joe gave them a 10. Sunday night I made mushroom garlic chicken pasta stuff, that I didn’t like at all. It lacked flavor I think and was really a fail on my part for not having fresh garlic. He ended up bringing it for lunch this week though, so it must not have been the worst thing I’ve ever made. I justify my kitchen experiments by saying “well, if it sucks we get to order pizza!” Joe is now rooting for me to destroy a meal, we’ve been on a saving-money-budget lately and haven’t been eating out. A night at Pizza Luce would make him very happy.

I’m almost done with my Booth SBSP application! I wrote my two essays last weekend and revised them last night. I’m thinking one more run through and it will be done… then I need to do a handful of updates on my resume and hit submit! This week is off to a great start… Mondays are good for me! (Thursdays are not…)


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