A Cliché: Discovered

So this morning I was really missing my brothers and went down to visit them. I was reminded how cliché I really am.

In the kitchen, visiting over a cup of coffee, my step-dad’s awesome wife and I were visiting. We were watching the boys play Star Wars Lego on the Xbox when she mentioned that in her first marriage she bought her husband a Lego set for a present one year. I understood it as an example of his immaturity, which of course made me think of Joe because I got him a model for Christmas!

Turns out both she and I got our significant other’s Millennium Falcon sets. I didn’t realize how cliché that is until today.

I was poked

So I was poked on Facebook. I don’t know when it happened, because I don’t even think that they notify people for it anymore. I also don’t think I even know how to poke anyone, which leads me to believe it could have been a mistake. Why does Facebook even have this option anymore? Maybe people riot when they threaten to remove it, but it seems rather silly to me.

Late night thoughts (as in, 10pm)

So last night I finished reading My Boyfriend Wrote a Book About Me, and all I could ask myself was “how the hell is this my life?” This was just after I read a Facebook post from someone I graduated with, who after still not having a job, posted these as her post-grad career options: vigilante/superhero, prostitute, wife, or live at home. I, on the other hand, spent 4 hours in front of the computer preparing for and taking my Kaplan Advanced GMAT course. The computer wasn’t even my own, it belongs to my super awesome boyfriend who didn’t even mind that I took over his entire desk for the evening and made him bring me chips and dinner and stuff.

So how do I find myself here? Lying in bed, completely satisfied and happy and content. I don’t know, a part of me doesn’t think it’s fair or something… like, this girl in the book is 33 and single and has had some cool jobs but also spent a lot of her time cleaning up cat piss. That should be me. She isn’t sure if she will get married or if she can even have kids anymore. She had a boyfriend for 5 years (the one that eventually wrote a book about her) and she thought that she was going to marry him. Does thinking that now about Joe make me a fool? Especially when I think it even though I just read a book about it not happening to yet another person and me thinking “oh yeah… but that won’t be me…” BUT IT WILL. Because I predicted pain and I’m always right. I guess my question is more why she had to go through a lot of crap and well, I guess I have too, but, urgle, I dunno. Sometimes I just want a dog.

I <3 my badge

So at work, I need to use my badge to get into every floor from the elevator bank. Because I usually have my hands full (coffee in one hand, computer in the other), I just put my hip up towards the reader. Well, maybe today I am wearing too many layers over my badge or something, because I was standing outside the door trying to get it to beep and it wouldn’t. I stood there moving around at different angles and I probably looked like I was making love to the door. Eventually it worked, but not before I looked like a fool.

Weekend review

So I had a pretty fabulous weekend. Friday night Joe and I went out to Smalley’s for a sports blogger event. We knew Aaron Gleeman and John Bonnes from Joe’s Birthday so it was easy to join in conversations. John’s wife was there and I got to visit with her and some other gals, so we actually stayed for about 4 hours. It was a great time for both of us, and I managed to get Joe on the podcast again (we may actually argue about the details of this, but I forced myself in front of a mic, realized I didn’t have anything to say, then pulled Joe in to take my spot). I got kind of drunk (I had 4 drinks?) which hadn’t happened in a while. Joe brought me a peanut butter sandwich in bed (1 sllliiicccee!) but I couldn’t finish the whole thing. Also- he folded it the wrong way. Who on earth folds the bread top to bottom instead of side to side? Probably the same people who cut their toast up the middle rather than diagonally.

Saturday and Sunday were rather relaxing. We went to the gym both days and then I made some awesome dinners. I’m really getting into this cooking thing over baking. Saturday night I made my cashew chicken recipe again that Joe loves (we had spaghetti for breakfast because I love hangover-pasta). Sunday I made buttermilk pancakes with chocolate chips from scratch; Joe gave them a 10. Sunday night I made mushroom garlic chicken pasta stuff, that I didn’t like at all. It lacked flavor I think and was really a fail on my part for not having fresh garlic. He ended up bringing it for lunch this week though, so it must not have been the worst thing I’ve ever made. I justify my kitchen experiments by saying “well, if it sucks we get to order pizza!” Joe is now rooting for me to destroy a meal, we’ve been on a saving-money-budget lately and haven’t been eating out. A night at Pizza Luce would make him very happy.

I’m almost done with my Booth SBSP application! I wrote my two essays last weekend and revised them last night. I’m thinking one more run through and it will be done… then I need to do a handful of updates on my resume and hit submit! This week is off to a great start… Mondays are good for me! (Thursdays are not…)

Falicy of hope

So like 3 hours ago I was like “oh gee, I am so happy. I’ll have to find something more interesting to blog about if I want to continue it because no one wants to hear me brag about how happy I am…”

So now I’m sad. I have no idea why. The sun was in my eyes from where I was laying on the couch reading my book, so I went to bed. I took a little nap even though I kind of wanted to work on my Booth application essays. I woke up crabby. Mmmrrrahhh.

I’m dealing with more drama from my gym membership. They keep losing my payment information and then get mad at me because I haven’t paid. They are claiming I owe like, $300 now for Oct, Nov, Dec and Feb. Part of me just wants to say fuck it, I didn’t use it that much anyway.

But I have been using it! I’ve gone three times already this week and I’ve been loving it! But, three times this week also only equals three times this month… which is only half as many times as I went last month. Urgle.


So it has been way too long since I’ve written and I really don’t have any excuse for it. Why is it that sometimes we can have so much drive and passion for something and then other times find it difficult to follow through?

I’ve been baking a bit lately! Last Thursday I made chocolate chip cookie dough balls, and they turned out much better than last time. I had thought that I used a different recipe, but now when I just went back to review it looks the exact same. So, basically it’s just the Nestle chocolate chip cookie recipe, except exchange ⅓ milk for the 2 eggs. I think they turned out better though because I know that recipe like the back of my hand (again, not sure why it didn’t dawn on me before…). Maybe it is because I did the ingredients in the correct order this time? Although.. I’m sure I would have last time too, who knows.

Anyway, I used probably 1 bag + 1/5 bag of chocolate chips. This was my Facebook status:

So I finally did the impossible. I made chocolate chip cookie dough with TOO MANY chocolate chips…

They literally almost wouldn’t stick together. I’m glad I was actually making the balls versus real cookies because I think had I not been rolling them tightly, they wouldn’t have stuck together. I also used a stick this time, so they were “pops” instead of “balls.” People liked the sticks, saying it made them easier to eat. They also made it semi-easier to dip, but at the same time, what the heck do you do with the pops after they have been dipped? I don’t have fancy styrofoam to stick them into, and when I attempted short-glasses-filled-with-rice-to-prevent-tipping, the chocolate just oozed down the stick anyway. I eventually just started putting them on wax paper and everyone seemed to enjoy them just fine :)

Tonight I made chocolate cupcakes (both normal sized and mini) to bring into work tomorrow. I still need to frost them, but I am getting tired so I will do that in the morning instead.

I finally wrote my essays for my Booth Summer Scholars application! I’m having a few people review them for content this week before I submit my application. Work is being super awesome and supportive about it, which makes me love my company even more.

I’ve been pretty busy at work, working over 40 hours a week. Crazy, I know. But I knew this time would come. And I’m excited that it did. My days go by so much more quickly now, and I’m really diving deep into my project. I almost feel like an expert on it at this point!

Joe got into his grad program today! I’m so happy and proud of him. He’s pretty fricken awesome in pretty much every way… just sayin’.

Money has been stressing me out lately. I called my mom today to thank her for the Valentine’s Day card she sent me and we mistakenly got on the topic of money. I’m a little angry with her because 6 months ago she über guilted me into lending her $6,000. At the time I was pissed about it but now I’m more accepting of it. However, I have about ~4k in credit card debt because I’m a dumb ass and got in over my head spending-wise right after college. It was kind of like the “holy crap, I’m making how much?!” reaction, in which I splurged beyond my abilities before I realized how quickly the money went towards rent and other necessities. Luckily I’ve stopped myself and am trying super hard to bring it all under control, but either way talking to her didn’t really help things.

Anyway, this felt super awesome to catch up and just reflect a little bit on my feelings. I feel bad now for being harsh to my mom when my frustration really lies with myself. I’m super happy with the way work and life is going though, so I just should count my blessings and be grateful I didn’t get into debt any deeper.

I’m one of THOSE girls…

So I realized today while I was lying in bed that I am that girl that I’ve always been annoyed by. You know, the girl who feels all totally in love and then thinks about marriage. Grr… wtf? I find myself looking at rings all the time and talking to coworkers about how long they dated their husbands before getting married. But why?! I’ve always been so independent and shit and don’t even know if I want to get married.

I friend of mine is dealing with his girlfriend semi-pressuring him slash suggesting that they get married. My instinct is to be like “hey-o now… slow it down a bit!” and I wish I could say that to myself too (well, actually, I have). Marriage is just such a stupid thing to rush into. And I know all of these things. I do, I really do.

So why I am still thinking about these things? The fact that I am thinking about this is so foolish. Joe and I have only been together for like, 7 months. I’m 23, what the hell do I know about committing myself to one person? In another 23 years I’ll only be 46 and that isn’t that old. But imagining being with one person for that long seems like a damn long time.

Plus, I’ve been talking to this other guy about his marriage and how he is thinking about slash actively pursuing cheating on his wife. In a world like this, why would anyone want to get married anyway?

For me, I think the “marriage” is the wedding and the ring and I’m not mentally mature enough to really understand what promising myself would be. I still feel so jealous of other women that I graduated with getting married and having kids (and I don’t even want kids!!!). How does society even make me feel this way?!

An email exchange

So, most days, Joe and I email back and fourth a little from work. Usually the messages don’t make it to my blog (in fact, this is the first time), but this one made me laugh so hard I had to share it with the world. Enjoy.

Dearest Joseph,

I need to write my essays for my grad school application. I am self-imposing a flexible deadline of Feb 13 with a hard deadline on March 1st. Because I am in my energetic go-getter attitude, I can tell you this. However, I may need your assistance in edging me towards actually doing it.



Essay Questions:

1. At this time in your life, please describe your current short term and long term educational and career goals. How will the Chicago Booth Summer Business Scholars Program help you to achieve these goals?
2. If the Admissions Committee were to interview one of your closest colleagues, classmates or professors, what aspect of your personality would this person say is especially important for the Admissions Committee to know?
3. (Optional) If there is further information that you believe would be helpful to the Admissions Committee, please provide it below.

6 minutes later….

My darling Kate,

I accept this task, such as it is, and shall undertake it with utmost regard for your goals. I assure you I will not falter under adversity and will see it through, to whatever end.