Early morning fail

So the worst part about no longer being depressed? Having to occupy my time the additional 4 hours a day I am no longer sleeping. The second worse part? Thinking the gym opened at 5:00a instead of 5:30a because it has been so long since it mattered in my life. On the plus side, the security guards in my building laughed at me as I returned in my workout gear only 5 minutes after leaving.


Kate falls in love

So last week when I stumbled upon a pre-MBA program at Chicago Booth, I nearly lost bowel control (not really). It is a three week program designed to give liberal arts students without a business background a crash-course in marketing, finance, capital markets and other businessy things. There is also a ton of networking and touring of local companies. I would meet awesome people, both other participants and those teaching the course. It would give me an opportunity to meet some faculty and get them to fall in love with me too. It’s in Chicago, and I love Chicago more than anything. It’s basically the most perfect program in every way imaginable…

Except one. This three week program is only offered at the end of July, which just happens to fall in the middle of my training program at my company. I totally respect that they are investing a lot into me through this training program, but I’m also the type of person that takes an opportunity when it is given to them. I’m so not sure what to do- I don’t want to muddy any waters at work- I love my job. I just want to take this amazing opportunity to expand my business outlook. However, I’m not sure that the both of those are compatible as I’ve laid out.

I’m going to do tons of thinking on it and talk to maybe a million people whose opinions I trust. More on this in the coming weeks.

Sad afternoon

So sometimes I waste too much time watching TV and then I turn into a sad monkey. This past week I’ve both gotten Joe hooked on How I Met Your Mother and watched the first season with him. When I was insta-tears at the end of the last episode, I obviously had to storm off and pout for a while. Shows like this have a joint affect on me- I both am sad for the characters because I too have felt that pain, but I’m also so sad that I’m allowing a silly show to get a rise out of me. I know it is just a show and I shouldn’t be so vested in it, so I get mad at myself, but, am still mad at what happened in the show.

Joe came in to try to calm me down. He recognized that I was just in a funk though, so he suggested we go out for a drive. Just getting out of the house can work wonders on my mood. We were both in our pajamas still but just decided to walk out as is. I had two pairs of shoes at his place- coach tennis shoes or my high heels- because I didn’t want to put on socks, I decided that the heels would be most appropriate. We looked hideous.

Driving around was nice. We went looking at big houses and listened to NPR. It is really a beautiful day, so now I’m feeling a bit better and may just be a tad more productive with my life. Or something like that.

Covered in chocolate

So I’ve decided today that life is better when covered in chocolate. It isn’t necessarily that I’m just realizing this, but rather many events have recently led to me putting a name to it. The tipping point was Joe buying a pack of half golden Oreos covered in milk chocolate. (Not to be confused with the other golden oreos). They may be my new favorite Oreo.

Oreo is a funny word.

My other favorite Oreo? The white fudge covered Oreos that only come out during Christmas time. My recent “ball” kick of dipping things in almond bark has also led to this revelation. Strawberries, gummy bears, potato chips… fingers… it should all be covered in chocolate. What if I made chocolate chip cookies and then dipped the finished cookie in chocolate? Would that help retain the moisture?