MBA Update

So I’m still kind of torn on what to do, but I am worrying less about making the decision and more about putting myself in a position to make a decision (rather then allowing one to find me).

I met with a Macalester grad the other day, who is pretty well off in the financial sector. He said a person only goes to St. Thomas if she can’t get into Carlson. While I don’t necessarily want to go into finance, I don’t think my choice in business school should limit my options. I also don’t like the idea of going to a school that people look down on if I’m not completely sold by it either.

However, Carlson isn’t what I want either. If staying at my current position is high on my list of desires though, it would make sense to stay in town. If not, my options greatly increase and the task becomes exponentially harder.

Regarding the Booth summer program: not much has been determined. I’ve talked to a couple people at work to see if it is even a possibility and am waiting to hear back. The HR rep I talked to left me hopeful- she thinks it is a promising program. More on this to come soon.

If I were to construct my most ideal path in life from where I am right now, it would be this: I get a super awesome high score on the GMAT, get into Booth, move to Chicago and work at Google while obtaining my MBA. Flawless plan really.


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