Stalker: the saga continues (and ends)

So to give an update from the Crazy Calls post back in December, the calls have finally stopped. It was a very anticlimactic ending though and left much to be desired.

In the last post, I went to the police station to file a report. I was then able to go back to AT&T and be all like “hheeeyyy…. I got a PO-lice report now!” Then AT&T enabled the trace feature but were only able to release that information back to the police. For the next week or so I kept track of when all of the calls came in and then called a number to input the date and time of each. From those, they were able to find 10 occasions of my stalker calling me and gave their number to the police.

Next I called back the police to see if there was anything they could do. After a little run around between AT&T and the police I was finally able to confirm that they got the trace information and had a number. However, the number ended up being from a mobile phone without name information. I was given the number, which was a 763 number that I did not know. This only enabled me to rule out the only two possible suspects I had created in my head… but gave me nothing new to go off of.

Even though I didn’t have any information though, I felt good knowing that it probably wasn’t anyone I knew, or at least no one I knew very well. Non-personal harassment seems less… hurtful. The police left him/her a message but never got a return call (surprise!). The calls were still coming in though, so I called my detective again to let him know (just left a message) and haven’t heard back. But, because I haven’t gotten another call in the last week, I’m thinking maybe this [annoying] journey is over.


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