A phone call home

So I spoke to my mom last night on the phone. It didn’t last too long and it was relatively cordial. I called her to see which Twin’s game her and Curt wanted to go to- that was my Christmas gift to them. We also chatted for a bit about her life- the last time she went to the eye doctor, her RP and MD had progressed the least they ever have. This is good news that means she isn’t loosing her sight at the same rate that she once was. Obviously this put her in a good mood and made her a bit easier to handle.

I started filling her in on the details of my life. I explained that work is going well, life is going fine, mostly everything is good. I then told her that Joe and I are looking to get a place together and she starts in about how she thinks we are going to get married (this probably contributed to my dream last night where Joe wanted to get married and I said I wanted more time, so he orchestrated this entire plot to make me realize I should marry him, the Prince of Scotland [only for the dream, sadly]. Most of the dream is fuzzy.. the best parts were the blindfold/water plunge while tied to a chair and then being rescued by a Siberian husky; and that the linens he picked out looked fancy on top, and then had “hilarious” written underneath).

Anyway, when I told her that I am both looking at local MBA schools and considering something out-of-state depending on GMAT scores, she got all in a huff about me leaving the state. I blew up on her. I was like: “Sandra. Why must you turn everything into being about you? I am a 23-year-old woman and am able to make all my life choices without consulting you…” Apparently she thinks that she needs to be able to get to me at any time in case I ever have an emergency and need to call her. I decided to spare her the detail that Joe is my emergency contact.


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