The eye saga continues

So I went to the doctor this morning to get my eye warts looked at [turns out, it wasn’t just an itchy eye]. Everyone at Christmas was saying how disgusting they looked (or rather, I guess they maybe said they were concerned for my health and thought I should get them looked at by a professional). Anyway, that day was today. I was only able to convince myself to go after Joe promised to go with me. However, because I assumed that they would just look at them today and then schedule the follow up for a later date, I told him not to come. Here is how I made an ass out of that situation: I fainted.

I was all like, oh yeaaahhh… I can do this! Trying to be all independent and not need a boy or support or anything like that in life. But then the pregnant married nurse just felt very sorry for me and kept rubbing my hand and I felt silly getting all this sympathy just because I’m a pussy that can’t stand to get objects cut off my eyelid.

15 minutes later as I am a sweaty mess with cold compresses on my forehead and neck, they decide to remove the other one at a follow up appointment because like I said, I’m a pussy and they wanted to give me some time to mull over the idea. So, I made the appointment for tomorrow morning. This time I’m making Joe come with me though. Hmm… I wonder if this is one of those things I should take before and after shots of…


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