Kate’s Skyway Adventures

So during my lunch break today, I decided to traverse the skyways in search of The Cookie Classic. I had pizza for lunch and always like some sort of chocolate after pizza. I read about the shop in a Metro Magazine feature on the skyways and it just so happened to pop into my memory as I was brainstorming treats.

I was starting in City Center, hopelessly trying to figure out which cross-streets I needed to aim for. It can be extremely difficult to determine where you are and what direction you are facing when surrounded by walls. I’m not usually a stupid person with directional difficulties, in fact, I pride myself on my keen ability to consistently get to and fro.

I was using a skyways app to help me navigate, which conveniently brings me to yesterday. A while back, I was all like “hhheeeyy… we should build an app together, Joe! Wouldn’t that be cute?” and we decided that a skyway navigation app would be a good place to start. However. it turns out there is already an app for that. So, instead of flooding the market, I emailed the app owners and told them our ideas. 4 weeks go by and nothing…

Until earlier this week! I get an email from the guy saying he would like to meet up with us to discuss. Yesterday Joe and I met him to learn more about the project’s life so far and where he sees it going in the future. It was really interesting to learn how they did everything, and it turns out, they blogged about it all too! Afterwards, both Joe and I were excited to start working with them somehow to help with the cause.

Flash a day later to Kate blogging at work. I googled “minneapolis skyway map app” to insert a lovely link to their blog and found something truly surprising. Not surprising by its contents, but rather that it exists. Apparently, there already is a SkywayMyWay website thingy, that does everything I ever wanted to do in one lovely website. I totes thought that I had thoroughly searched the internet for any such thing, but apparently, I did not. A day late and a dollar short, eh?

P.S. The cookie wasn’t super fabulous.


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