Sad afternoon

So sometimes I waste too much time watching TV and then I turn into a sad monkey. This past week I’ve both gotten Joe hooked on How I Met Your Mother and watched the first season with him. When I was insta-tears at the end of the last episode, I obviously had to storm off and pout for a while. Shows like this have a joint affect on me- I both am sad for the characters because I too have felt that pain, but I’m also so sad that I’m allowing a silly show to get a rise out of me. I know it is just a show and I shouldn’t be so vested in it, so I get mad at myself, but, am still mad at what happened in the show.

Joe came in to try to calm me down. He recognized that I was just in a funk though, so he suggested we go out for a drive. Just getting out of the house can work wonders on my mood. We were both in our pajamas still but just decided to walk out as is. I had two pairs of shoes at his place- coach tennis shoes or my high heels- because I didn’t want to put on socks, I decided that the heels would be most appropriate. We looked hideous.

Driving around was nice. We went looking at big houses and listened to NPR. It is really a beautiful day, so now I’m feeling a bit better and may just be a tad more productive with my life. Or something like that.


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