Downtown Friday

So I went shopping yesterday at Banana Republic, found tons of things I LOVED, and then left without buying anything. What the hell am I turning into? An adult?!

After that, I went to a movie. I had gotten off work early and was waiting for Joe and I to meet up for our anniversary dinner. I brought a beer with me, because last time Joe and I were at a movie, Arthur Christmas, Joe said that only thing that would make the Justin Bieber intro video bearable would be a beer. I think that planted the seed in my head that movies need beer. 

Anyway, I went to see Sherlock Holmes. I saw the first one, thought it was good, and thought it would be action packed enough to entertain me. However, I had completely no idea what was going on for a majority of it. Maybe the beer aided the confusion; or, maybe, it was just a terrible movie. 

Ultimately, I’m not sure how I would grade the beer in movie decision. It tasted good, but was also a tad obvious due to the fact that I had to tip it upwards when any drink purchased at a theater is consumed through a straw. I was as nervous as a clown, which… maybe was a good source of excitement. 

I think I need more spontaneity in my life. Maybe tonight at dinner I’ll order the dessert before dinner. But then I’ll just ruin my appetite for dinner… hmm…


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