So I have a slight addiction to old Pyrex bowls and I’m not afraid to admit it. This first began when I was at Joe’s place a few months back. I found his stash of three Pyrex bowls from what I would place at the mid 50’s. I asked him if I could have them, but he said no. (I also asked him if I could have his comforter, to which he also said no. Apparently this is a long stream of difference between our two families. In my family, we put our initials on everything of my grandmas that we want after she dies. To him, this is very morbid and completely unacceptable, it would result in his family characterizing one as greedy and selfish…)

Over the next few months, many conversations were had over said bowls. It came down to declaring “well shit, now I can’t break up with you until we live together so I can at least get away with the bowls.” (Joking… of course… mostly).

The other week, while at my step-grandparent’s condo for pre-Christmas celebration, Peggy whipped out TWO Pyrex button containers. Holy cow. I have never seen those before! Not only have I been on a hunt for a butter container lately, but I didn’t even KNOW there were Pyrex ones!

Last weekend while at my grandma’s with Joe for christmas, I told her about them. I was like “O.M.G. gram-gram, did you know that Pyrex BUTTER dishes exist?!” This is something I should go straight to her with because 1) she is addicted to butter (the only time she failed at lent was when she tried to give up butter) and 2) she is an expert Pyrex dealer (true story). Well, she knew about them, but didn’t have any to give me. Next I told her about the awesome bowls, to which she replied “oh! I have a set of four pink Pyrex bowls in the basement that I’ve been trying to get rid of!” I was floored.

We dug them out of the basement, and they were the most beautiful bowls I have ever seen. Joe attempted to start a bidding war, knowing that he no longer had anything to bargain with. Alas, they successfully arrived in my kitchen Tuesday night and I have never been happier in my life.

Until, of course, I went online to find a picture of the bowls to post in this blog because I’m at work and can’t take a picture of them myself. Turns out, everyone loves Pyrex. This is made clear by the website, . This is probably bad news because now I’m feverishly searching for new finds. As a double score, I just found out my bowls go for ~$100 on eBay.


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