Crazy calls

So for the last 5 days, I’ve been receiving phone calls from a blocked number. The began Monday “morning,” around 1am. They continued for a bit that night, then resumed again in the morning. I didn’t hear my phone ring at night because I always have it on silence. However, the next morning I looked at it just as I was receiving another call, so I answered it. No one said anything, but all of a sudden I heard people having sex. Or, rather, a woman moaning on the other end. I was at Joe’s, and when I played it for him, he suggested it sounded like someone was watching porn on the computer or something. Fine, whatever, I hung up.

The calls continued. More that day, then more the next night (past 11pm). Again, I didn’t answer. Then this morning when I woke up I had 4 missed called (never any messages), and got another when I was drinking my morning smoothie. I texted Joe some comment about this person evidently not sleeping and even he is getting annoyed by it.

I looked online and there is no way to block blocked calls to my iPhone either directly through the phone or without paying AT&T a fee of some sort. So, I went to the police. Because I had the time, it is a nice day, and it’s only a block away.

Basically he told me there is nothing they can do, that basically it is just a report but won’t be investigated. However, I think now I can go back to my phone company and be all like “hheeeyyy … don’t make me pay.” I’ll let you know what happens.

The biggest question is though, who did I piss off so badly that they would spend this much time calling me? I know I have a lot of enemies, but none that should still hold a grudge…


Apparently, AT&T doesn’t have the ability to block “blocked” calls on cell phones. I can register for a service that is $4.99 a month, but that only blocks actual phone numbers and can’t do anything about “blocked” numbers. They can also perform call traces for annoyance calls, but this again is not for cell phones, only landlines.

So… I get to continue ignoring calls because apparently there is nothing I can do about it short of changing my number.


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