An everyday thought process

So I’ve decided to take a Kaplan GMAT test prep class, and this is how it happened:

I was at work yesterday when I began looking at wedding rings. It was mostly because, Arthur Jewelers, who I am a fan of on Facebook, posted a pair of Tacori earrings that showed up on my news feed. I was like, wow, those are nice earrings, I should look for engagement rings again. I wound up finding two bands that I really liked: Tacori and one from BlueNile. Then came the obvious task of picking out a stone.

While I was flipping through pictures of real rings made with the BlueNile band, I found one that had a stone that was 2.07ct.

OMG! 207 is my most favorite number ever!! So, I started pricing some out in the quality range I find sufficient: Ideal cut; F,E,D color; VVS2 and better clarity. Among the 2.07cts available, the lowest prices is about 59k. This means I’m looking at a ring anywhere from 60k-70k. I can’t expect a man to provide that for me! If I want the status symbol, I’m going to have to fork over some change myself.

This is where my GMAT comes in. While taking the “preview class” last night, I realized 1) how compatible the course is with my learning style 2) how helpful it is for me to learn strategy and 3) how awesome of a test taker I am, especially if I practice!

So, higher GMAT from a simple $700 investment = top 10 b-school = higher paying potential later in life = 2.07 carat diamond. Heck. Yes.

Hopefully on the first day of class they don’t do the whole “so… what brings you here?” question.

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