My cliché of happiness

So right now I am readying Stumbling on Happiness by Daniel Gilbert. The first chapter explains humans’ desire for control, and that because of the joy that control brings, we often imagine control where it does not exist. I’ve often contemplated how it often seems like I have an unnatural ability to control my own destiny. For quiet some time, I have believed that I possess a unique ability to alter the future, but apparently most people do. Cliche 629.

The chapter also reminded me of furniture shopping with Drew while I was in CO in July. I knew I wasn’t going to buy anything and that I just liked to look, but I also was able to acknowledge that most of my pleasure came from thinking about buying furniture rather than actually doing it. I enjoyed being able to think about my future and to me, the furniture signified freedom and independence.

Same with ring shopping. I realized the other day that I really like ring shopping. So what if I want to spend my afternoon dreaming of one day wearing one on my left hand… it doesn’t mean that that’s what I would want right now!

So wait… I’m not the only one to receive pleasure from day dreaming?  Mrrahhh

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