MBA thoughts

So, I’m starting to think a little bit more seriously about getting my MBA. I mean this in two ways. I was checking out St. Thomas the other day, and I really liked it. When I get into a mood like that I can be like, omg, I want to start ASAP (keep in mind I haven’t even taken the GMAT yet…). But, because I have less than 1 year of work experience, the admissions director suggested that I wait until at least the summer semester. This kind of blows, in that, I have the energy and excitement and gusto to do it now, so that automatically leads to that I should. However, someone is saying no to me and I tend to not like that. But, at the same time, sure, it makes sense, maybe I’m not ready yet. Those 3 months will definitely help that, right? (Maybe.)

But, now that I am going to be putting a little bit more focus into the GMAT and actually making an attempt at getting in… well, maybe I should shoot the sights a little higher, no? I remember when I was younger I always had plans to go to Harvard for my MBA and still hold on to that it would be pretty bad ass to do so. (Watching Limitless last night didn’t help suppress any of my dreams of grandeur). Can someone with my lame GPA get into a place like that? Probably not. But I feel that I should at least go down kicking and screaming. So, short of video taping myself in my bikini for the admissions board, I will make at least a half-assed attempt at making myself desirable to them (that was a Legally Blonde reference).

Plus, even though my experience is relatively lacking, scores are good for 5 years, so if I rock the socks off of the test (typical), I can always wait until I’m an awesomely well-rounded creature. I heard Stanford is nice most of the year (right Drew?).


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