Elevator rides

So I got into the elevator today all the way up on the 30th floor. There were already people in the elevator, and they continued on with their same conversation. One woman was telling a story about a woman in New York who was killed in an elevator yesterday. This is what I over heard:

Lady1: Yeah, so her leg got caught and she couldn’t get it out and the elevator moved
Guy: People under estimate how strong those doors are!
Lady2: I know! And everyone just assumes it will open…
Lady1: People were in the elevator too! Can you imagine watching a person right in front of you getting ripped apart and bleeding to death like that?
Guy: Oh god, how painful it must have been. It must have been a slow, agonizing death

I then stopped focusing on the exact details of what they were saying as I was plotting where in the elevator I would aim my projectile vomit. Eventually I had to turn to them and say “Really? That’s what you guys decided to talk about in an elevator?”

Then once I got back to my desk I obviously had to search online…. It actually appears to be a really tragic accident. I feel really bad for her friends and family, but at the end of the day, please wait to tell the story until after you have left the elevator….


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