So I don’t think my mom likes Joe very much. Last night we had an interesting conversation. She had texted me while I was at Les Mis, but when I got home I saw it and gave her a call. She had requested that I do so as she wanted to know my Christmas plans. I told her that I would be going up north and would be at the family Christmas celebration. I said “we are coming up on the 23rd” and her response was an accusatory “oh- you’re bringing Joe? Are you sure he’s ready for that?!” I wanted to rebut with something along the lines of “you were the only one I was ever scared for him to meet,” but I restrained myself (maybe because I had already taken my Benadryl for the evening and was becoming loopy).

I then mentioned something about us doing things with his family on the 25th, and she brought up his parents. “Are they all stereotypical and shit? Good parents and all?” She got very defensive and then asked how many times I’ve seen his mom. Really? She wants me to document how many times in the last 6 months I have seen his mom so that she can compare it and use it against me for not seeing her as many times? I’m sure, had I given into her inappropriate request, she would have claimed that I like his mom more than her and probably would have started to cry. I hate the tears, I can’t deal with that crap.

I told Joe not to expect a Christmas gift from her- this was probably smart thinking on my part.

I got all weird and shit at Les Miserables last night. I was itchy as crap and couldn’t sit still or pay attention. The silly thing was is that I was actually enjoying the show. They had funny sexual songs and in general I understood what was going on. So, I can’t figure out why I couldn’t behave like an adult. At intermission I looked over at Joe and he knew something was up, but I just asked him if I could go. I didn’t want to stay there while I was being all ADHD for the people behind and next to me. I knew I was being a distraction, but knowing this only caused me to become more of one rather than abate my behaviors.


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