Christmas and such

So I know I can be a lame face and blog forever sometimes, but bare with me. It will pay off in the long run.

Sometimes I make an ass of myself at work. Today provided a good example. I was at the team Cookie Exchange (my first ever, which was fricken awesome). My manager asked if anyone wanted to go to a concert, and having just looked at tickets, I knew how expensive it was, so I said “that’s an expensive one!” More an observation than anything, but it made me realize how much attention I pay to the price of things sometimes, and in a corporate setting, I am probably just embarrassing myself.

I’d like to be able to respond with a “Ohh, gee, I’m sorry. I grew up on welfare so sometimes I pay too much attention to financial details…” but then that marks me as something else in itself.

On a similar note, I was visiting with my mentor after he went over a test run of my presentation with me. We were talking about Christmas when I mentioned that I was excited for all the presents I got myself. We were in a full elevator (which is actually where I am usually making an ass of myself…) and I felt weird explaining “my family isn’t big on gift exchanging- my grandma has so many grandchildren!” or “I’ve learned not to have expectations for other people.” I’m really fine getting myself presents, I just didn’t want to tell him what they were because I try to forget them so I’m surprised…

Apparently Joe’s parents are getting me presents. This is weird for two reasons. 1) I don’t think I’ve ever had parents (other than my mom) get me something for Christmas and 2) it just feels weird. I’ve only met them each a handful of times. What does this mean?! Arg. At least Joe said we could add my name to the gifts he gives to them, which is nice of him. Takes some pressure off me that’s for sure. I definitely love giving gifts more than getting them, but I don’t think I know them well enough to get them something sincere.

Joe and I decided to go up north to my family’s Christmas party. We had been batting it back and fourth (why did they both decide to celebrate on Christmas eve?!), because they are about 5 hours apart so hitting both isn’t really a possibility. Both Joe and I knew that if we felt super strongly about it one way or another we could just say it and then that would be it, so obviously we didn’t abuse that. I thought about it for awhile, and for most of the time I had been leaning towards going to his place. I like his family, it’s closer, and then I could avoid seeing my mom. But then when Hanson announced their new Mmmbop IPA and my cousin commented on my facebook wall that she was excited to drink with me at Christmas because of it, I really wanted to see my family. I haven’t seen many of them since Christmas last year, and Joe see’s his family more than I do. He also said that seeing his cousins is the most important part to him, and because we have the “Cousin Party” next week, he’ll be seeing them anyway. So, last week I just said “I want to go to my family’s for Christmas” and that was fine with him. Whenever something like this comes up it really makes me appreciate our ability to communicate.

Last night was my first dinner party ever. It was mostly awesome. I was stressing out beforehand because I didn’t have enough to keep me busy. Everything was cleaned and ready to be cooked and everything, I was just waiting for my guests. They arrive surprisingly on time, which meant my bruschetta appetizer was a little late (I didn’t want it to get soggy!). I took the recipe from here, but sure to hell didn’t boil or peel the tomatoes. What is that even? I also thought that the balsamic vinegar and oil would bring it overboard on the moisture-scale, so I left those out. It was basically chopped tomatoes, salt, pepper, and garlic powder (again, preferred over the real thing). As I was chopping the tomatoes I was again reminded that I don’t actually like them, so I refrained from having any. Everyone seemed to enjoy them though!

For the actual meal I made the chicken parmesan that I made Joe for his birthday (once I find a recipe that works, I hold onto it!). I do the tomato sauce differently though- I just get a can of tomato sauce, then add oregano, garlic powder and basil (all from the shaker…). Then I might throw in some salt and pepper too- I just wing it and then it usually tastes awesome. Typical.

Lastly there was penne pasta and asparagus as well, but those are both basic enough and don’t require much of an explanation. I sure noticed later though that I had asparagus, which is always shocking to me for some reason. Dessert? Oreos. Because I had to buy 4 packs for all the treats I’ll be making for Christmas, not because I actually love them that much (also that would be true too… it just isn’t why I had so many).

Tonight Joe and I are going to Les Miserables and I’m super excited for it! We are going to eat at Capital Grille beforehand, and hopefully it is better than all of my experiences at Crave (I shutter just saying the name). I don’t remember where I was going with this… it may or may not have been exciting.


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