So nights like tonight really remind me how very lucky I am. Not only in the game Sequence, but in life as a whole. My life is pretty perfect and I can’t imagine anyway I could be happier. I’m sitting at my desk (sipping some wine, which may obviously be contributing to the happiness) and I just got done wrapping all my Christmas presents.

I love my tree and I love my couch and I just am very happy with where I am at right now. I know this doesn’t make for good blogging material, so I almost feel like I should make up some event, but, alas, that isn’t me.

Winter Ball on Friday was kind of a shit show, which was too bad. I really had high hopes of it being a continued tradition. However, apparently Macalester students cannot handle themselves in public and kind of made a bad mark on our reputation…

Saturday was perfect. I woke up only to kick Joe’s ass, repetitively, in Sequence. We went and saw In Time with JT, for some of which he was shirtless (this is a positive thing). It was just alright- cute more than anything… but I feel like they could have made it with a stronger message had they tried (they being… writers? Directors maybe?).

Right when we got to the movie though, Joe had a text from his friend Bob who we went on a double date with on Thursday. It was tons of fun, they are a really cute couple. He was inviting us to go ice skating and to Holidazzle with him, which is funny because that’s exactly what we had planned on doing anyway. It was a fantastic night. I had been kind of cranky with Joe earlier, but then once the snow started falling, I realized all was right in the world. Later in the night, when we were walking home, I was just like “shhhiiitt…. my life is perfect… it’s exactly how I’ve always envisioned it”  From the awesome apartment downtown and the slick corporate job, to the awesome boyfriend who has swept me off my feet, now that I’m finally making some friends in the city too, I feel complete.

I need something to bitch about. This morning, walking to work my feet began killing me. Apparently me losing weight has made it that my grey-suit-shoes no longer fit… well shit. I should be happy that I’m seeing actual changes in my weight, but money is tight, so I can’t be buying new shoes. What is a girl to do?


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