Gummy worm

I wrote this on Friday, November 18th. However, I had to post it later as to not give away anything for Joe!


So today at work I was on facebook, and one of the ads on the side of the page had a picture of a huge gummy bear- aparently it was a lamp. Of course I then googled gummy lamp and was brought to a website, Here, on the gummy page, I saw a 2 foot long gummy worm that looked like a double sided dildo.

This is super special because just this morning, as I was teasing Joe about the awesome gift I got him, he said that the only thing I could get him that he probably wouldn’t like would be a double sided dildo. I was like “shit, well, that’s what I got you.”

A little bit later, I asked him how weird it’s going to be for him to open up that present in public. We talked about how if its a dildo I should just tell him so he can open it in private, but I said “no, that I wouldn’t allow that.”

I obviously didn’t get him a double sided dildo. BUT, seeing the gummy made me sprint into action and run to every candy store in downtown Minneapolis. None had them (and it made for a few interesting conversations). I came back to my cube, went online, and was able to purchase it. Fingers crossed it gets here before his birthday… A+ for Kate’s gag gift idea!

It arrived on time!!!!


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