A lost will to bake

So I’ve lost my will to bake. Today has been a cluster fuck of a night, but I suppose it begins with the days prior.

Friday night Joe went to play poker with his friends and I stayed home, which was lame but nice too. I found a new addicting iPhone game, but that’s another story entirely. Then he was coming back over yesterday (Saturday) for tree decorating. I woke up hella early, which meant I continued to try to sleep but found myself unable to. I lied in bed for most of the morning, playing MyTown2, and around let’s say, 10:30 I finally made it out of bed. This is probably why I had weird back pains all day.

My friend Honza and I were going to go out clubbing, but Joe had a headache and I didn’t feel like going out either. So basically we sat like name faces both playing with our phones on the couch all night because my new found addiction quickly was passed onto him.

This brings us back to today basically. I spent the day getting ready for Joe’s birthday (which is tomorrow!!), and the sore back has only continued.

I was making him red velvet cupcakes, with designs like baseballs so that I can bring them for his adventure with Aaron Gleeman. I won’t go too much into that now, but midway through baking I decided to also try my hand at cake pops. So there I was, sore back and baking all day, when I realized that the red frosting I had to drawn on the lines was actually impossible to use. I was only able to accurately accomplish the half circle lines (mostly) but I knew there was no way in hell I would be able to get all the dashes on there with the can of frosting. So, thanks to the helpful advice of my Cake Pops baking book, I decided to just use sprinkles. My sprinkles are a rainbow blend, which is really great most of the time, but not when I just want red.

Twenty minutes of mentally cursing the MLB for having balls with 108 stitches and slimming down the list of people who would receive a jimmied cupcake later, I had picked out enough to complete three.

This is perfect! Joe, Gleeman and the Geek! I don’t need one at this rate. I then had to spend another half hour individually tweezing on the red sprinkles. They turned out okay though….

Now let’s talk about the laundry. I did about 6 loads of it because I can get into a lazy streak and not do it forever (plus, as a trade for doing my dishes all the time, I sometimes do some of Joe’s). The last load however, “UE”ed on me (unknown error I think?). This means my clothes come out before the last 4 minutes of spin and are sopping wet. Fine, fine, I find places to hang it all and then tried to fold the clothes that were taken out 5 hours earlier. However, they didn’t dry. Not completely at least, which means my place is still going to be littered with 6 loads of laundry when my boyfriend comes over for his home cooked birthday dinner tomorrow night. Aigh.

There are also the 48 cake balls that I…:

  1. Poured the cake batter into the pan too deep so the edges were burnt and the center was too soft
  2. Mixed with the frosting too early (when it was still kind of warm)
  3. Mixed with too much frosting, leaving it more moist than hard
  4. Will no longer be making baseball pops out of because the pain of putting the stitches on the 3 cupcakes was enough to take my will to bake

I’m not going to waste that awesome red velvet cake though, so I was forced to ball up the rest of it when it dawned on me that I haven’t really eaten much today and I started becoming dizzy over the bowl and had to force my way through it with my super strength. I finished balling it, pretty much put the empty bowl in the fridge rather than the sink, and headed down to the bar.

I find it hard to go to sleep when I am really hungry, but I also know that eating something will give me a spike of energy in which case, it will also be hard to go to sleep.  Therefore, I drink will calm me enough to sleep without making me thinking of my tiredness- I hope.


Interesting things from my weekend that haven’t yet been mentioned

  • Apparently when Joe mentioned at Thanksgiving dinner that I had a blog, my grandma took this information and instantly shared it with my mother. This lead to me receiving this email on Friday: “HI. DO YOU HAVE A BLOG AND WOULD YOU LET ME LOOK AT IT? I REALLY WANT TO READ THE CARD PUGGY GAVE YOU AND KEEP UP WITH YOUR FUN LIFE. LOVE YOU HONEY. MOM”
    Not only will I not be responding because she wrote to me in caps lock, but also, there is no way she would want to read this. Half of it is me ranting about why I hate her. However, hmm.. maybe. Anyway, I don’t like keeping her up to date on my life, so why would I give her access to my blog?
  • I went into work Friday morning, at 5am after bring out at Joe’s family’s until 12:30am, only to get turned away by security. First, the skyway was closed even though all the fricken stores were open, and second, Don’t fricken turn me away! Apparently I should have gotten special permission to get into the office at 5am, even though I know for sure someone had told me previously that if I needed to get in after hours that I could come in, knock on the glass, and then security would let me in. This was not the case. He gave me lip, told me I could sit around and wait for an hour, and I stormed off. I went home to Joe and was oh-so-happy he was there. I was pretty much in tears because first, I woke up early. Second, I could have stayed out playing cards with his family later. Third, who the hell do they think they are not letting me in? Finally, once I got home I didn’t want to go back in at 6, and I felt bad about that but I also know that they weren’t relying on me for anything. I was just going to go in to observe the chaos of Black Friday, and I was even asked not to ask any questions. Which is cool, I’m just an overachiever and wanted to see what it was like.  Of course I hope I’m not fired tomorrow because of this, and I had a bad day thinking that way (even though I was partially convinced that it was my hormones making me a crazy).
  • On Friday, Joe and I bought a Christmas tree at Target because sometimes the only thing that can get me out of a funk is shopping. Saturday, once we set it up, I just sat on the couch, looked at it, and with a disappointed face said “it looks like a Charlie Brown tree.” I made Joe go back with me to Target to get another Christmas tree. He had suggested taking the first one down, but I explained to him that I needed to see them next to each other to compare- what if compared to other trees the one that we already had looked better? I couldn’t take that risk. So I got a tree that was roughly 6 times more expensive, but six times more awesome!!! Joe is a good sport, even if he did tweet about it.


So tomorrow I need to wake up maybe an hour earlier for work so that I can dip all of my cake balls. The menu I’ve planned out for tomorrow is crazy intense, and includes making my own vinaigrette. I’m exciting to fake him out TWICE tomorrow with his fake presents. First is the dildo, second is the shirt and tie. I like the shirt and tie, but it isn’t the real present. That’s for Tuesday night. hehehehehehehehhehehe


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