Radio mornings

So, I’m sure I’m not the only one, but I listen to War of the Roses some mornings and feel like a total crazy woman. Some of the stories are absolutely nuts, and this is very visible. But then there are all these elements of stories that have a sort-of-resemblance to my own life.

Take this morning as an example. The girl, whom Dave Ryan and others have already declared as a 9 on the crazy scale, drives by her boyfriends house to see if his car is there or not. This is definitely something I have done on more than one occasion. She also broke something in the process (his kitchen window… with a brick), and while I have never actually physically damaged anything, I sure have had the desire to break a guitar or two. Even though Carrie Underwood makes me feel slightly better about this, I’m also realizing that it’s a little crazy.


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