Kate sees a psych

So today was the first day at my new psychologist. The process of finding someone I can effectively work with is a hard one. One time, I only saw a woman once because I couldn’t stand the sound of her voice. One woman was too nice, and one was too old. I really liked one woman I was seeing for a while, but then she quit and went back to school. Either way, I figured since I’ll be living downtown here for a while, it wouldn’t hurt to find someone good.

When I first saw her today, there were no immediate warning signs. She didn’t look or sound weird, and I knew I could give her a shot. When in the first 5 minutes she declared that she also went to Macalester, I was like, omg, this is it. I didn’t tell her that though, that would be too forward and finding a good doctor is just like dating- there are many mind games that go along with it.

Overall, it went really well. I felt open with her, and I aired a lot of my concerns about finding someone right off the bat. [It would be funny if she was totally lying to me about going to Mac; if she could read that I’m the type of person that would appreciate a connection like that. I would be okay with that too, it would signify that she can read me well, which would be beneficial too.] Obviously an hour is a short time to tell my entire life story, but I was able to get out a lot of family history and my personal history with depression.

I have another appointment set for Monday and already I’m very excited. I’ll make sure to explain other things that I need from a therapist: something that is direct, firm and demanding. I don’t want someone that merely makes suggestions, but rather tells me what to do. I don’t know if they will do that though… that’s what people hire dominatrices for.


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