Joe’s Guest Post

aka, I’ve stolen this from his facebook page

Birthday Surprise

by Joe Busch on Wednesday, November 30, 2011 at 10:26am

I don’t normally indulge in personal stories, but this is a good one and I like to wave my geek credentials when I can.

For the last month, my lovely girlfriend Kate has been talking up her gift to me as if it were being handed down directly from God Himself. I don’t think I can overstate how intentionally high she was setting the bar. Part of me assumed that this was mostly jokingly, as no gift I could imagine could possibly live up to the hype she was giving this.

Alas, Monday arrived and we did the birthday celebration thing. Kate stopped off at work to give me red velvet cupcakes and the first part of my present. When talking about gifts and expectations previously, I had said to her that “as long as it’s not, like, a double-sided dildo, I’m pretty sure I’ll be ok with it.” This is what I opened up at work then:

Giant gummy worm resembling a double-sided dildo? Of course.

Kate cooked me a wonderful four course dinner – chicken parmesan, a spinach, mandarin orange and corn salad with a homemade vinaigrette, asparagus risotto topped with parmesan cheese, and red velvet cake balls coated with white chocolate. It was damn good.

After dinner, it was present time. I tore off the wrapping paper and opened the box (a re-appropriated Game of Life box) to discover a very nice red button-down dress shirt and a Twins tie. I was quite pleased with this. It didn’t meet up to the absurd expectations Kate had set, but I didn’t really expect it to. Overall, I thought it was a pretty good birthday.

Tuesday cometh. We went to look at a few condos after work (for fun, mostly) and then went back to Kate’s. The plan was to head down to Rock Bottom (in her building) with our laptops and be semi-social geeks. It’s a regular ritual of ours. Kate gets some writing done, and I do some research or screwing off the internet or whatever else seems pertinent at the time.

A couple of things were off, though. I found it odd that Kate still had red velvet cupcakes in the refrigerator and, moreover, they were decorated as baseballs. Kate was also acting very strange when we got back to her apartment. She wouldn’t tell me what was up, relenting to let me know when we got our drinks at the bar.

We head down to the bar, get our drinks, and she finally starts talking. She reminds me of a situation from a month ago – we were at Rock Bottom watching Game 6 of the World Series, and I was checking my phone and watching twitter and so forth. I must have seen a good tweet or something, because I mentioned offhand that it would be neat if I was to ever run into Aaron Gleeman, a baseball blogger and podcaster that I follow online, and just chat with him and have a drink or two.

Kate ran with this. It turned out she’d been emailing with Gleeman for almost a month, lining up a meetup. It wasn’t just a get together for a drink, though. Gleeman and Jon Bonnes run a weekly podcast at various bars, and they together resolved to have the podcast at Rock Bottom – with me as the so-called special guest.

The rest of the night was a whirlwind of nervous anxiety, drinks, chatting, and fun. Aaron and Jon are pretty much just normal guys. They arrived, we did the handshakes and introductions and grabbed a table. Jon pulled out his equipment – some microphones, his iPhone, iPad and mobile keyboard. We podcasted. I got to geek out and talk Twins, baseball stats, and so forth. I’m not sure how to adequately describe it, really. It was a ton of fun, and suddenly Kate’s oversell on the gift wasn’t such an oversell. Should you be interested in hearing it, it’s online here:

Most memorable birthday of my life.

I feel like he does a damn good job at explaining it. He’s technically supposed to be my editor too, because clearly he is the better writer, but he has better things to do, like tweet about baseball.

Gummy worm

I wrote this on Friday, November 18th. However, I had to post it later as to not give away anything for Joe!


So today at work I was on facebook, and one of the ads on the side of the page had a picture of a huge gummy bear- aparently it was a lamp. Of course I then googled gummy lamp and was brought to a website, Here, on the gummy page, I saw a 2 foot long gummy worm that looked like a double sided dildo.

This is super special because just this morning, as I was teasing Joe about the awesome gift I got him, he said that the only thing I could get him that he probably wouldn’t like would be a double sided dildo. I was like “shit, well, that’s what I got you.”

A little bit later, I asked him how weird it’s going to be for him to open up that present in public. We talked about how if its a dildo I should just tell him so he can open it in private, but I said “no, that I wouldn’t allow that.”

I obviously didn’t get him a double sided dildo. BUT, seeing the gummy made me sprint into action and run to every candy store in downtown Minneapolis. None had them (and it made for a few interesting conversations). I came back to my cube, went online, and was able to purchase it. Fingers crossed it gets here before his birthday… A+ for Kate’s gag gift idea!

It arrived on time!!!!

Surfing at work

So I realize how completely inappropriate it is to google image search “cupcake boob” while at work, but the fact that it is the number one referer to this blog makes it something I cannot resist.

On a similar note, Dave Ryan said that 22% of employers in a recent survey said they have fired an employee for using a work computer not for work related web searches. Aye aye aye, I’m done for the day!

A lost will to bake

So I’ve lost my will to bake. Today has been a cluster fuck of a night, but I suppose it begins with the days prior.

Friday night Joe went to play poker with his friends and I stayed home, which was lame but nice too. I found a new addicting iPhone game, but that’s another story entirely. Then he was coming back over yesterday (Saturday) for tree decorating. I woke up hella early, which meant I continued to try to sleep but found myself unable to. I lied in bed for most of the morning, playing MyTown2, and around let’s say, 10:30 I finally made it out of bed. This is probably why I had weird back pains all day.

My friend Honza and I were going to go out clubbing, but Joe had a headache and I didn’t feel like going out either. So basically we sat like name faces both playing with our phones on the couch all night because my new found addiction quickly was passed onto him.

This brings us back to today basically. I spent the day getting ready for Joe’s birthday (which is tomorrow!!), and the sore back has only continued.

I was making him red velvet cupcakes, with designs like baseballs so that I can bring them for his adventure with Aaron Gleeman. I won’t go too much into that now, but midway through baking I decided to also try my hand at cake pops. So there I was, sore back and baking all day, when I realized that the red frosting I had to drawn on the lines was actually impossible to use. I was only able to accurately accomplish the half circle lines (mostly) but I knew there was no way in hell I would be able to get all the dashes on there with the can of frosting. So, thanks to the helpful advice of my Cake Pops baking book, I decided to just use sprinkles. My sprinkles are a rainbow blend, which is really great most of the time, but not when I just want red.

Twenty minutes of mentally cursing the MLB for having balls with 108 stitches and slimming down the list of people who would receive a jimmied cupcake later, I had picked out enough to complete three.

This is perfect! Joe, Gleeman and the Geek! I don’t need one at this rate. I then had to spend another half hour individually tweezing on the red sprinkles. They turned out okay though….

Now let’s talk about the laundry. I did about 6 loads of it because I can get into a lazy streak and not do it forever (plus, as a trade for doing my dishes all the time, I sometimes do some of Joe’s). The last load however, “UE”ed on me (unknown error I think?). This means my clothes come out before the last 4 minutes of spin and are sopping wet. Fine, fine, I find places to hang it all and then tried to fold the clothes that were taken out 5 hours earlier. However, they didn’t dry. Not completely at least, which means my place is still going to be littered with 6 loads of laundry when my boyfriend comes over for his home cooked birthday dinner tomorrow night. Aigh.

There are also the 48 cake balls that I…:

  1. Poured the cake batter into the pan too deep so the edges were burnt and the center was too soft
  2. Mixed with the frosting too early (when it was still kind of warm)
  3. Mixed with too much frosting, leaving it more moist than hard
  4. Will no longer be making baseball pops out of because the pain of putting the stitches on the 3 cupcakes was enough to take my will to bake

I’m not going to waste that awesome red velvet cake though, so I was forced to ball up the rest of it when it dawned on me that I haven’t really eaten much today and I started becoming dizzy over the bowl and had to force my way through it with my super strength. I finished balling it, pretty much put the empty bowl in the fridge rather than the sink, and headed down to the bar.

I find it hard to go to sleep when I am really hungry, but I also know that eating something will give me a spike of energy in which case, it will also be hard to go to sleep.  Therefore, I drink will calm me enough to sleep without making me thinking of my tiredness- I hope.


Interesting things from my weekend that haven’t yet been mentioned

  • Apparently when Joe mentioned at Thanksgiving dinner that I had a blog, my grandma took this information and instantly shared it with my mother. This lead to me receiving this email on Friday: “HI. DO YOU HAVE A BLOG AND WOULD YOU LET ME LOOK AT IT? I REALLY WANT TO READ THE CARD PUGGY GAVE YOU AND KEEP UP WITH YOUR FUN LIFE. LOVE YOU HONEY. MOM”
    Not only will I not be responding because she wrote to me in caps lock, but also, there is no way she would want to read this. Half of it is me ranting about why I hate her. However, hmm.. maybe. Anyway, I don’t like keeping her up to date on my life, so why would I give her access to my blog?
  • I went into work Friday morning, at 5am after bring out at Joe’s family’s until 12:30am, only to get turned away by security. First, the skyway was closed even though all the fricken stores were open, and second, Don’t fricken turn me away! Apparently I should have gotten special permission to get into the office at 5am, even though I know for sure someone had told me previously that if I needed to get in after hours that I could come in, knock on the glass, and then security would let me in. This was not the case. He gave me lip, told me I could sit around and wait for an hour, and I stormed off. I went home to Joe and was oh-so-happy he was there. I was pretty much in tears because first, I woke up early. Second, I could have stayed out playing cards with his family later. Third, who the hell do they think they are not letting me in? Finally, once I got home I didn’t want to go back in at 6, and I felt bad about that but I also know that they weren’t relying on me for anything. I was just going to go in to observe the chaos of Black Friday, and I was even asked not to ask any questions. Which is cool, I’m just an overachiever and wanted to see what it was like.  Of course I hope I’m not fired tomorrow because of this, and I had a bad day thinking that way (even though I was partially convinced that it was my hormones making me a crazy).
  • On Friday, Joe and I bought a Christmas tree at Target because sometimes the only thing that can get me out of a funk is shopping. Saturday, once we set it up, I just sat on the couch, looked at it, and with a disappointed face said “it looks like a Charlie Brown tree.” I made Joe go back with me to Target to get another Christmas tree. He had suggested taking the first one down, but I explained to him that I needed to see them next to each other to compare- what if compared to other trees the one that we already had looked better? I couldn’t take that risk. So I got a tree that was roughly 6 times more expensive, but six times more awesome!!! Joe is a good sport, even if he did tweet about it.


So tomorrow I need to wake up maybe an hour earlier for work so that I can dip all of my cake balls. The menu I’ve planned out for tomorrow is crazy intense, and includes making my own vinaigrette. I’m exciting to fake him out TWICE tomorrow with his fake presents. First is the dildo, second is the shirt and tie. I like the shirt and tie, but it isn’t the real present. That’s for Tuesday night. hehehehehehehehhehehe

Wheelchair guy

So this is a story about a man in my building. He is indeed in a wheelchair, and while I do understand the political incorrectness of naming him as such, I went to Macalester and feel that in the last four years I have been politically correct enough to last a life time. (kidding… mostly… )

Anyway, I walked up to the elevator last night and said “hello” to WG. I’ve seen him around a lot, so it wasn’t really weird. Once we were in the elevator, he looked at me and asked, “So, do you go to the law school?” I was confused about what had given him that idea, and I responded with “No… do you?” He told me he didn’t either. I gave him a confused look and he followed with “it seems like 60% of the people in this building do though!” I told him that I don’t talk to anyone really, and right before I got out of the elevator he called me anti-social.

This isn’t my first run in with WG though. A few weeks ago Joe and I were riding in the elevator with him. When we entered, Joe was in the middle of telling me a story about a girl that he had seen earlier in the day that he kind of thought was hitting on him, or possibly knew him, from the way she looked at him. Of course I followed this up with the question “Did you have drunk sex with her one night and don’t remember?” He just looked at me like I was being silly and shook his head, so I responded with “oh, that’s usually what happens to me.” After we got out of the elevator, he told me how hysterically WG was laughing in silence after I said this, and I was a little disappointed that I didn’t get to observe his reaction. I live for that shit.

Anyway, moral of the story is that WG thinks that I’m anti-social and have sex with random men whom I forget about. He seems cool though, and I’d like to be his friend. However, I may be at a bit of a disadvantage.

An okay day in corporate land

So I don’t know what it is about Monday’s, but they kind of suck. Is this what people are talking about when they say they have a case of the Mondays? I thought this was just me…

The day started out mostly lame. I woke up in the middle of the night having to puke. As I was hugging the toilet I kept thinking about how no matter what, I couldn’t call in sick today. I had a pretty medium sized presentation to give, and it would have seemed like I was just trying to make an excuse had I not shown up. That, and there was an after work happy hour for my birthday that I did not want to miss.

[Random note: I had a text message when I got up to puke from Cop in NYC. Wishing me a happy birthday. Nice thought… but he didn’t even remember my birthday when we were “together” so obviously I question his motives]

I hit snooze way too many times and by hit snooze I mean turned off my alarm and woke up about 15 minutes before I had planned on getting to work. I didn’t actually do the work last night that I was supposed to, which basically means I carried my laptop home for nothing, and that thing is heavy! When I got into work (without showering… because… that’s how I roll on Monday’s) I had to facebook and catch up on current events and look at the new condo listings in town. Obviously this came before any of the actual work that I put off all weekend. Around 9:30 I finally started getting some stuff together, and ended up being pretty proud of my script. I went to the room where I was to give my presentation about 2 hours early, and practiced it out loud a few times. I felt pretty happy with where I was at, and I was nothing like the nervous wreck I was last week.

Soon enough, I was done with my presentation and it was time to go see Joe. This weekend when I was looking all sexy for our Saturday dinner I had him carry my ID, but then forgot to get it back. Again, because of the after-work happy hour, it was essential for me to have it. I bused the 45 minute round trip to the U of M, grabbed my card, gave Joe a kiss, stole a couple bites of his chipotle burrito and was on my way. It was actually a rather pleasant way to spend my lunch hour- I got to walk outside a little bit and enjoy the weather and didn’t have to spend the time smelling other people around my cube eat.

In the afternoon, I mustered up a bit of courage and managed to get a bit of work done. I actually found myself in a little bit of a work trance and worked right up until 4pm when I was to leave for the happy hour.

The happy hour was fun, but I had no idea how to do it! I was the first one to get there, and I wasn’t sure if there was a reservation or how these things really worked. I just worked up the balls to ask for a table for ~10, and sat and ordered a drink. Within 5 minutes other people started arriving, so it wasn’t actually that bad. We all sat around for about 2 hours (some people came and left as the evening went on). Being the birthday girl though, I made sure to stay through the whole thing. It was a really good way for me to feel more apart of the team, and I really liked it. I’m sad I’ll be leaving the team so shortly (I move in December), but I will enjoy the rest of it while it lasts.

Beyond work, I’ve definitely found the condo building I want to live in (I think… I have said this a few times already). Anyway, the cheapest one in there is like, 350k. That’s a bit outside of my price range right now, but I also get stuck in my dreams of the future so badly sometimes that I want to make the future the present. I know that it makes sense for me to hang out in my apt for another year and a half or so, save up a tad, and then buy a place. But, at the same time, now is a buyer’s market and it does feel like I am just throwing money away by paying rent.

I also secretively start to think about the possibility of living with Joe sometime in the distant slash not-so-distant future. [By secretively I obviously mean that I understand he reads my blog… but, I wish I could write a code to stop this post from going to his google reader or something. At the end of the day though, I’m pretty transparent even when I think I’m being all sneaky and not obvious.] Last night he called just as I was looking up the bus directions to both of our places of employment and realized it was on a very easy bus line for him (and me). I sounded all weird, like I was hiding something, but I just feel silly saying “dear, we have only been dating for a few months, but I’m absolutely crazy about you and want to spend every day with you, we should consider living… ‘nearer’ to each other” (i.e. in the same place).

So after we got off the phone, the first thing I did was Google “how long until moving in with each other.” This is not to be confused with the occasion a few months ago when I Google’d “how long until saying ‘I love you’.” I basically always feel like I’m the first person in history to feel the way that I do, but in reality there is a plethora of people asking the exact same questions getting completely conflicting answers. The truth is, there is no formula for figuring out when it’s appropriate, which makes it all the more confusing. I was a math major and I prefer having absolutes to all of this abstract crap.

Birthday weekend!

So it’s Sunday night of my birthday week(end). Friday night was a great time- I got a hair cut after work, from basically the best stylist ever. Afterwards I got PIZZA LUCE! It was pretty much fabulous. Joe and I spent the night hanging out over at my aunt and uncle’s, helping prepare for the baptism. A whole bunch of my family was there, so Joe got to meet a lot of new people. They all really liked him, so that made me happy. I always love seeing my grandma though, she’s a really good sport about things. I make fun of her a lot, for things like the fact that her thumbs don’t bend (they seriously don’t- she doesn’t even have the creases!). I opened the birthday card she got me right as Joe and I were leaving- I read halfway through it- looked up at her and said “Grandma. You got me a romantic card?” I started laughing right away. They made me read it aloud to prove it:

Because you are in my life, the sun shines brighter, the sky is bluer, and rainy days feel romantic, not grey. With you in my life, I see all that is possible, all I can imagine, and all that I dream of.

My aunt laughed so hard she may have peed herself a tad. My grandma claimed that she didn’t really read more than the first line, and she thought it was pretty. She also didn’t expect me to read it either, she assumed all her grandchildren just went for the check. Hmm… seems rather similar to the time she bought the wrapping paper with black Santa on it… she didn’t realize until the grandchildren pointed it out- all the presents were under the tree. She tried to play it off as an attempt at being multicultural I think.

Saturday Joe and I got up early and went out driving. I get antsy just sitting around the house all day, and we had some time to waste before the baptism. We went to SuperAmerica- I’ve been trying to cash in my damn speedy rewards points for over a week now, still to no avail. Next we went driving around the lakes to look at the big houses- always a favorite thing to do of mine. As we were winding around Lake of the Isles, the snow started to fall. I was looking at my phone trying to find this listing for a house I saw online- it had a rooftop deck! Joe said to me “Are you watching this?!” I look up, and look for people fighting or maybe a dog attacking a duck. It takes me a minute to figure it out, but sure enough, the snow had just begun. It was pretty much the most awesomest moment ever.

The baptism was interesting. My aunt is Greek Orthodox, and this was my first real dabble at her religion. There was spitting and tons of talk about Satan probing my young cousin- not very pleasant. Then there was this weird ritual where they had to say everything thrice. Since when is once not enough? Isn’t He always listening anyway? After the rubbed him down in oil and dipped his entire body in the water 3 times (don’t worry, they did remove the clothes), it still wasn’t over. There were candles and walking around in circles and I was told to sit and stand about a hundred times. My grandma and I were just whispering in the pew about why the priest was calling my cousin “Mark” when that isn’t his name. After everything was (finally) done, we took a family picture. My grandma made sure Joe was in it too, that made me smile :)

Joe doesn’t have anti-lock brakes. He said he did, and thought he did, but as he was driving and we were slipping down a hill and only missed the car in front of us by maybe an inch, I concluded that he did not. My Camry had anti-lock breaks and she always sounded like she was dying when they kicked in. I told him he would know damn well when they were working. I looked in his manual and I concluded that it was just disabled, but his mechanic friend looked at it and determined he doesn’t in fact have them. It’s a 2007! How does that thing not have anti-lock breaks?

Joe’s birthday present to me: a double boiler and a Christmas ornament. I totally love it. I can’t wait to use it, it will definitely come in handy for all the balls I plan on making over the holidays, no more wasted almond bark for me :)

Joe left earlier today, and I was all emo about it for a few minutes then I was like, that’s shit, I love it when he leaves. Then I cleaned up a ton and researched things online a bit. I went to Target and a fat man farted in the candle aisle. It stunk. Afterwards I was going to go see the new Twilight movie, but my friend Mollie called me and then once I got off the phone I wasn’t in the mood to leave the house (maybe because it got dark out?). I ended up making the best cupcakes that have ever been created, and I am actually pretty damn proud of myself.

I made “Better than Sex” chocolate cupcakes. I got the recipe here, but used a different frosting. The cupcakes came out kind of… sunken in the middle. Not a big deal, and it actually worked nicely for holding the frosting, but I don’t think that is how they were supposed to be. Also, it kind of crumbled a bit more than other cupcakes I’ve made, so I’m not sure what exactly I may have done wrong.

For the frosting, I used the same recipe that Mollie introduced me to last year on my birthday:

1 cup sugar
1/4 cup cocoa powder
1/4 cup butter, softened
1/2 cup milk (lowfat is fine)
2 tbsp light corn syrup
1/8 tsp salt
2-3 cups powdered sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract

 Combine sugar and cocoa in a medium saucepan and whisk until cocoa is dissolved. Add butter, milk, corn syrup and salt, and cook over medium-high heat, stirring occasionally, until mixture comes to a boil (about 10 minutes). Continue boiling; stirring occasionally, for 6 minutes. Remove from heat and cool to room temperature (approx 1 hour). Beat in powdered sugar and vanilla and pour on cake. Frosting will spread easily and will set up itself after a few minutes.

However, I decided that those directions sucked and didn’t use them. I instead realized that the mixture boiled after about 2 minutes, that I only needed to boil it about an additional 4, and waiting an hour is dangerous. As is using the full 2-3 cups of powdered sugar, because the frosting sets very quickly. It tasted like fricken heaven, and I am quite pleased with myself. I took a picture even…

There was almost not enough frosting to go around, so I used the un-sugared/what-was-left-in-the-pan-chocolate for two of them (thus the darker coloring). For the topping, I used my most favorite candy combination: M&Ms and Nerds. I used to only get this in my Dairy Queen blizzards, but last year my roommates topped my birthday cake with it and I was like, holy crap, this is amazing. This was my attempt at repeating that amazingness (and it was amazing!)

Joe called me a bit after they were done to ask me how they tasted. I hadn’t actually tried one yet and so I put a candle in it and he sang me happy birthday. It was perfect.

My weekend was good, and now its 9pm and I just remember the homework I have to do. Urgle. Oh! And I should update on MBA stuff… tomorrows maybs.

Women (not) in Economics

So last Friday, I went back to Macalester to speak on a panel for the Women in Economics club. I explained to them, back when the asked, that I was not indeed an econ major, but they wanted me anyway. I always like going back for things, so I agreed.

I got to campus a couple hours early- just enough time to walk around and to say “hi” to a few people I know and then meet up with my buddy for a drink. I hadn’t seen her in a super long time, so it was very lovely to catch up. I explained that I’m doing really well- complained a bit about my mom, but said that over all my life is amazing. I’m considering going back to school for my MBA, I have a rockstar boyfriend and a kick-ass apartment- nothing really could get better. Yet, I also had to explain to her that there are still days where I cannot make myself get out of bed and I still just want to cry.

The hardest part is how these statements are both so correct yet so conflicting. As I’m feeling sad and immobile, I become even more down because I have no reason to be. I’ve been losing weight, which I’m really proud of (down 29lbs total!). Things are going well at work, but still I don’t feel… happy all the time. I miss my old spunky self that was cheery and bouncing off the walls.

I can’t tell how necessarily, but I notice that it’s also affecting my relationships with other people. I have two explanations for this. 1) I am not as happy of a person and they can read this on my face and therefore aren’t as warm as they typically are or 2) I take everyday stress really personally and when they are just saying “hi” like normal, I read way to much into it and think that they hate me.

My therapist thinks that one of the reasons I may be “prickly” to some people, is because growing up I never wanted to let anyone get too close. This could mean any number of things- I might start to share things (personal things) with them, they would want to come over and play, or I put them in a position where they were able to disappoint me.

I need to learn how to not rub people the wrong way I think. Or, I need to learn that I actually don’t rub people the wrong way. Not sure which is true.

Facial hair

So because I’ve always had a thing for facial hair, I facebook’ed this video to Joe. I told him his stache could be a birthday present for me! The awesome fabulous guy that he is, he agreed to grow one out.

Flash to about 5 days later, and the next time I see my hunny, he had a full grown mustache and goatee. It was weird. He looked like some strange other person, but I went with it. Maybe it was kind of cute… it just didn’t feel like him.

Flash to about 5 hours later, and we are having getting intimate. I look up at him and all of a sudden I don’t even feel like I’m with him, with my boyfriend. I get this thought in my mind that I’m with some strange man who I don’t know, who is yet some composite of all these other men I have been with and who have hurt me (both mentally and physically). I became all locked up and didn’t know what to do. I wanted it to end, just be done with it, but I couldn’t speak up. Apparently as Joe transformed into Pedojoe, I was no longer able to communicate. It felt like I was in all those other uncomfortable situations where I didn’t feel safe and didn’t feel like I could make it stop.

Afterwards, I just rushed to the bathroom and cried for a minute. I then walked right back to bed, and without making eye contact, got under the covers. He tried to console me, it was obvious to him that something was up, but I pushed him away and told him I needed my space. What I really wanted was for “him” to leave. I wanted to feel safe and with my boyfriend and not have this strange man in my bed.

In the middle of the night, I woke up and kind of came to my senses. I shook Joe awake and told him I was sorry for being a crazy. I explained what had happened and he kind of understood, but also said he would have just preferred I had first, asked him to stop and second, communicated with him. I was able to kind of explain though that it wasn’t him. He shaved it off right away the next day, and we agreed not to play like that again.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls!!!

So this morning I woke up later than Joe. Usually I’m up at the crack of dawn, but lately I’ve been sleeping in a lot more. He came in to check on me and saw I was awake, so he offered me some breakfast. I was really in the mood for muffins and I told him so. I looked up a few recipes, but ultimately decided it was a lot of work and said he should just buy a box mix while I slept some more.

Then, as we were talking about other things, we both happened to remember at the same time that I had wanted to make cookie balls. So, I got super excited and we got dressed and headed out shopping. We got all the stuff to make both nummy blue berry muffins AND cookie balls.

It’s funny how similar the ingredients for muffins are to cookies. I don’t have the website anymore for the muffin recipe, but here is the one I used for the cookie balls. However, I changed the ingredients because thats how I roll. This was what I used:

  • 2-½ cups All-purpose Flour
  • 1-½ teaspoon Baking Soda
  • 1 teaspoon Salt
  • 1 cup Butter Room Temperature
  • ¾ cups Sugar
  • ¾ cups Light Brown Sugar
  • 1 teaspoon Vanilla
  • ⅓ cups Skim Milk
  • 1-½ cup Mini Semi-sweet Chocolate Chips
  • 1 block Chocolate Almond Bark

I sadly didn’t take a picture of them though, because I’m a lame face like that. However, I can highlight the major mistakes.

  1. Making them at Joe’s. Did you know that this fool doesn’t even have wax paper? Thus, the plates we used ate about 1/2 the balls. And by half I mean just a little bit of each.
  2. Not decorating them super prettily. But, since I don’t have pictures of them anyway, this doesn’t matter much.

That’s all really. Overall, they were fucking awesome and now my co-workers love me.

I forgot to give one to Evie though, for which I felt bad. Her birthday was this past weekend, and I like her. I Caribou’ed with her earlier this week- it was fun :)