Scatter brained

So I’m considering canceling my gym membership. It costs me $62 a month, which is kind of silly because I haven’t used it in two months. Because the gym is in my building, if I use it 8 times/month, I get half off my membership costs. However, even this doesn’t get me to go. Why do I continue paying for it then you ask? Because I like to have the option to work out. Yet, I’m beginning to think that it could just be a source of guilt for me- I’m paying for it, I should be using it… but I’m not, so I suck.

The worst part about it, though, is that I love working out. I love waking up early and how energized I feel afterwards. I know I feel better emotionally and physically when I work out, which should naturally follow with “okay, then work out more” but it does not. Why is this? Does everyone ask themselves this everyday? Because I sure know I’m not the only one.

My chin is rashy from kissing my prickly boyfriend. It is annoying because I look silly and I find myself scratching the crap out of my face during meetings. This is not the ideal way to conduct one’s self in a corporate setting. Alas, hopefully he has shaved today.

The problem with following current events is that I actually expect the changes to take place. One of the latest topics that I have been following is the Viking’s stadium debate. In this, I’m also going to include the possibility of a Block E Casino. However, when I begin to think about how long we’ve (Minnesotans) been talking about a new Viking’s stadium, it nearly makes me laugh. Yet, not laugh, because I’m deeply vested in the issue and can’t image how anyone could think that Arden Hills is a viable option. Obviously I understand I have my own biases- I live downtown and would love for anything to bring more life to the area. The fact that I cannot find an open Caribou close to my apartment on the weekends is sad. Having lived in Manhattan for a short time, I came to love the ability to get a pedicure (complete with a glass of wine) at 2 in the morning. [On that note- does anyone know where I can get alcohol while getting a pedicure in this town?!] So, for me, Viking’s stadium=midnight pedis (especially if it means a 24-hour casino opening in the area too).

Today I had absolutely no drive while at work (in fact, the first draft of this post was written there). I didn’t have too many meetings, which meant I had a shit ton of time to get my work done. However, I think I was hungry or something or just not in the mood and therefore barely got anything done. I hate how I get this way sometimes, and I told my cubie I wish I had some focusin, but he didn’t get it (Simpson’s reference). The sad part though is that I’m already on medication for my ADHD, because this has been a consistent problem my entire life. While uninsured for a few months earlier this year, I was unable to refill my prescription, and the 3 months I went without it sure made me appreciate it once again. I’ve since started taking Strattera again (about 2 months ago) and have noticed a dramatic effect in my ability to work. However, there are still days where I am completely scatter brained (like today) and nothing gets done. Maybe that’s why I’m super productive other days, to compensate?

[As a side note, I’ve since left work (only about 30 minutes early), and am now at the bar because that’s just how today feels]

I am in need of advice
So, a little back story first. This summer, I went to a charity ball/auction. I was on a date, and severely pre-gamed the event as I thought there wouldn’t be an open bar. To my surprise, there was, and I took full advantage of the tequila luge and margarita bar. Being the generous person I am, I decided it was time to start bidding on the silent auction items. I don’t remember bidding on anything specifically, but I never bid more than the minimum, and basically I was just trying to encourage others to bid as well. Well, the night ended early and I puked in my date’s shoe… and didn’t hear anything about winning any auction items. A month ago I woke up to an email stating that this auctioneer had been trying to track me down since July and that I had won a private cooking lesson for two. In my response, I neglected to tell her that I didn’t even remember bidding on anything… let alone $250 for private cooking lessons… Alas, it was for charity so I paid my bill and told Joe of the delightful surprise.

Next week is the supposed cooking lesson. At first I tried to be really excited for it, but now I’m more nervous than anything. I just got the menu from the chef, and while it’s okay that I only know about half the words he used, I don’t even understand the technical aspects of it. I’m not supposed to bring the food- right? A cooking lesson implied that the food will be provided, no?

Well, now I am weighing my options. I can either just clarify with him what all I am expected to bring -OR- show up empty handed like a fool and have a funny story to tell. My typical self would lean towards the funny story, but Joe is rubbing off on me with all of his open-communication crap, and it might make more sense for everyone (including my sanity) if I just ask him earlier rather than later. I wish I was still in middle school and could have my best friend ask his best friend to ask him.

On another note, apparently I’m a really bad speller and have no grammatical sense. This is all fine and dandy for most people, but me being an aspiring writer and all complicates things. Joe was the one to point this out to me. This was quickly followed by a handy link to this blog. Thanks man, thanks a lot.


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