So today was the last day of flag football, and I couldn’t be happier. It isn’t that I don’t enjoy… activity. Rather, I don’t do team sports. I don’t know why it took me 22 years to learn this, but it just isn’t me and it never has been. I can’t stand the disappointment I cause in other people when I don’t meet their expectations, so I just prefer individual sports.

It not like I’m against physical activity, like I said. I ran for a bit, that was all good and fine, but then I realized I hated it. Then I did triathlons and got into biking. Now I really like biking, and because I am selling my car on Wednesday, this is probably a good thing. [As a side note, my “no teams” policy only applies to sports. I’m a functional human being in other settings.]

While I’m on the topic of selling my car… I’m really excited to do so. One, I spend more money than I make, so having a few extra G’s in my pocket will be nice. Two, lately she has just been a headache. The check engine light came on, I’m worried she is going to fall apart every time I drive her, and it costs nearly $200/month just to have her in my life. So, I’m selling her to my ex, Sam.

Sam and I dated for 4 years, so there are many things that I could say about the silliness that is him buying my car. However, I will keep it to the basics. I’ve had my car for over 7 years. This included all 4 of the years that Sam and I were dating. He beat the shit out of that thing, yet proceeded to make fun of me for driving a Toyota Camry. A few of the dents are from him, as is most of the interior damage. The knife slash on the arm rest? All his fault. So, the fact that he is now buying this car, for him and his wife because they need something more fuel efficient while expecting a baby, is, well, ironic. (I won’t even get into the part where his wife and I were best friends for a few years). Anyway, I hope it serves him well for whatever amount of her life is left (the car-not the wife).

So, after flag football, I rushed over to my painting class (I made it from the football field to the class in 8 minutes). This was the first actual class that I was able to attend, and it was pretty neat. After doing a little drawing, I was able to whip out my acrylics. I have nothing really to show for it yet, but maybe one day I’ll post a picture or two on here of my super amazing artistic skills (or lack thereof).

Mmrraahh– busy week for me. It’s late and I’m tired. Tootles.


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