Stupid acts

So sometimes I do really stupid things at work. Here are some examples:

  • Pick my nose when I don’t think anyone is around only to have a co-worker say my name and I realize she is directly behind me and absolutely just caught me
  • Bring in Oreo balls to share with co-workers only to eat them for lunch and then have to leave work early because I fell ill
  • Send emails to my coworker Joe instead of my boyfriend Joe (the other way around wouldn’t bother me as much emotionally, but would be more of a broken policy by sending confidential stuff outside, so I suppose this switcharoo is preferred)
  • Forget I’m not in my own apartment at my own desk and fart/burp really loudly
  • Have conversations on the phone that require me to ask for “boobs and vaginas please” (see Fondant Vagina for the full story)

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