Home sick

So I went into work this morning, hoping that getting out of the house would make me feel better. This was not the case. It wasn’t so much the sitting/e-mailing/conference calls that got to me, I was mostly okay if I wasn’t moving. However, when I get up to make a copy or have a meeting, I felt instantly dizzy and wanted to throw up. Of course then I just avoided moving, but people were telling me I looked sick and should get away from them so I didn’t infect anyone. Point taken.

Walking home I had the strangest cravings for pizza and cool ranch doritos. It reminded me of when I was about 6 years old and got really sick once. All I remember was eating a lot of doritos, and puking up nearly just as many (or maybe just one huge dorito… not sure how that addition works). I couldn’t eat cool ranch for YEARS because it always reminded me of being sick. That has since passed so I’m not sure why now all of a sudden I am craving them while being sick.

As for my flight home yesterday- nothing really went according to plan. Turns out, they got the original plane so they no longer were oversold (apparently they thought they were going to use a smaller aircraft). However, it was delayed a shit ton and the original 6:00pm that they teased me about going on ended up leaving before my delayed 6:30pm take off. How lame is that? Not to mention.. no $300 for me…

The flight was hell two. My ears went all whack because I was stuffed up, and I couldn’t manage to fall asleep either. I ended up talking to a nice woman next to me though- she seemed kind of impressed with me, which was cute. Her son is a junior in college now, so we talked a lot about college and I suggested he do summer programs like the ones I did. She was in Denver for her book club, and now I’m starting to think about forming a book club. Basically we would only read memoirs… anyone interested?

Upon my arrival, I had a message from Joe, so I sent him a text telling him we just finally landed. He couldn’t believe my flight was delayed so long, and not wanting me to take the light-rail back so late when I wasn’t feeling well, he offered to come pick me up. I didn’t want to make him do that, but after going back and fourth I relented. I called him once I was off and walking to the pick-up zone, and he mentioned he was just getting ready for bed. What proceeded went a little like this:

Me: “So… you aren’t picking me up?”
Joe: “No… did you want me to?”
Me: “Umm yeah, that’s what I said in the text”
Joe: “What? No. You said that you were sure that you didn’t want me to come”
Me: tears starting… “No… I meant sure come get me… but its fine, I’ll take the light-rail”
Joe: “No, no, I’m sorry, I misunderstood! I can be there in 15 minutes!!”
Me: full-on tears in the airport “No, no, its fine. But I just don’t want to talk anymore. Bye”

I ended up taking a cab because I wasn’t sure how long the wait would be for the train, and I also couldn’t imagine myself sitting through the entire ride. I just really wanted to be at home in my bed resting. $50 later, I’m fumbling to get my keys out of all my luggage, because clearly I can never remember where I’ve placed them 3 days prior… I’m out on the street looking like a total doofus, so of course there are other people out there looking at this crazy crying chick who can’t get into her building. I typically never meet anyone in the elevator either, but god hates me so I had to last night. Looking back now, it’s all quite comical- but it sure wasn’t then. I rushed into my apartment (found the keys!) threw all my stuff down, whipped the crap off my bed, and lied down crying like a 6 year old. Mih.. it’s kind of funny thinking how dramatic I was- just your typical frustrated girlfriend who got left at the airport :(


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