Denver Airport

So my flight was originally scheduled to leave at 3:35. I actually received a call from Delta around noon saying that the flight was oversold and that I could have a $300 flight voucher if I volunteered to wait until tomorrow to fly out. I considered it thoroughly- tomorrow’s flight would be at 6:15am, getting back to MSP around 9. They wouldn’t throw in a free hotel room though, so I kindly declined their offer. I’m sure I could have stayed at Drew’s another night, but I really wanted to get home and get a good nights rest. I would have been okay staying in a hotel for the night though because I know that it would have been really relaxing and I could have gotten some writing and reading done.

On the way to the airport, however, I began to reconsider. It would be pretty baller to have a $300 flight voucher, especially with Joe and I considering a trip somewhere. Then, always being the thinker that I am, if instead Joe breaks up with me, it would totes be awesome to have a free flight somewhere to blow off the steam. I resolved that once I got to the airport I would check in at my gate to see if they still needed someone. Once I was actually at the airport and was able to whip out my sad face, it would be much easier to guilt them into a hotel room. To my surprise though, they just said I could have a flight on the 6:00pm flight, not even needing to spend the night. I definitely signed up for that, and they said they would let me know about 20 minutes before the flight if they still needed it.

2 hours later I am still sitting here (now sipping a drink in an airport bar), as the original 3:35 flight has been delayed until 5:27. Apparently they are trying to join a shit ton of flights into a smaller number, and I’m not sure when I’ll ever make it home. I had been reading my book (Driving with Dead People by Monica Holloway) for about an hour when the line continued to grow at the counter and the delay continued to extend. Either way I’ll be fine- I’ll get home tonight and sleep in my nice comfy bed (and get to work on time tomorrow!)- or I’ll get a nice trip out of the deal. I love these opportunities. Plus, I’m doing what I’d be doing at home anyway- drinking and writing (minus the candle, sadly).

My weekend with Drew was borderline lame. I was sick the entire weekend (Thanks Joe!), and didn’t feel like going out. Drew was bummed about that, which I can’t totally blame him for, but I also felt like I was out there to chill with him, and we could still do fun things even if we were at the house. Typically we just like to play games together anyway! I felt like crap (emotionally) though for feeling like crap, and also like crap because my friend was pissed about my crap. Basically it was a never ending crap circle with a few chocolate chip cookies in the mess- which Drew didn’t even wake me up for when he was making them!!! Does he forget who I am?!

It was still really nice to see him, but I also got the feeling that things weren’t quite the same. I don’t have any particular reason for this, but it was just kind of a vocally quiet weekend. Maybe it was just all my sickness and I’m being a silly monster.

Also, last night as I was being a lame face napping on the couch, I was feeling both happy and sad that I wasn’t back in Minneapolis with Joe. One, he was out at the Zombie Pub Crawl, which I oh-so-badly want to do (and am oh-so-sick of hearing about) so I was sad. But two, I probably would be have been a buzz kill so I was happy I wasn’t there. Still though, I was sick and just wanted to be with him and didn’t want to be feeling alone in CO. I was sad that I wasn’t getting as much attention as I had given him when he was sick. Really it was a rather silly feeling as I had just had the dream the night before that he was breaking up with me because I’m clingy. I blame SD (and numerous other men for this), but Joe continues to assure me that I’m okay.

Alas, I haven’t talked to him yet today, but that’s probably okay. In an effort to not be clingy (because of the dream), I should give more space- not bitch at him for not taking care of me enough… while I’m 700 miles away.

As a side note, I’m staring at a penny, heads-side-up on the floor about 8 feet from me. I kind of want to pick it up, but I’m also the type of person that goes and lies down her extra pennies for others to gather good luck, so I shall leave it. Not sure why exactly I shared this part.


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