Because everyone should go 19 months between blog posts…

So I’ve always been opposed to this whole “blog” thing… save my semester in NYC. It just seems rather pretentious for me to think that anyone would have an interest in what I have to say. Fact is, most don’t- and that’s awesome. Good reason not to care what anyone else says either.

So, what’s my reason for starting this again? I think I need a creative outlet. While the corporate life can be fascinating, my current role (or the work I’m putting into it), lacks the level of creativity needed to sustain my sanity.

Plus, I was at home sick all day and wasn’t able to connect my work laptop to my iPhone internet. Not being one to sit in bed for long, I decided to start a blog. Probably this will give me a good excuse to upgrade my gadgets- of course I need a new camera, and a new computer, and PhotoShop… I have a BLOG now!

Before blogging, I made some good treats. Well, I’m obviously using the word “good” loosely, but I made something nonetheless. I’ll call them haystacks, because I think that’s what normal people call them. Here was my improvised recipe:

    • 1 jumbo Kiss from Valentine’s Day maybe 2 years ago
    • 1 package of coconut

First, chop up the Kiss with a butcher knife. This aids in the melting. Next, melt the chocolate over low heat, stirring constantly. Once melted, add… some coconut. Stir. If it doesn’t seem thick enough, add some more. I kept adding until the brink of the coconut was no longer being covered by chocolate. This, my friend, was the mistake. Actually, it wasn’t the first mistake.


  1. Buying the wrong kind of coconut. I think the unsweetened would be better
  2. Not toasting the coconut in the oven. I think I remember reading this in a recipe a while back, but it didn’t dawn on me until I was already melting the chocolate
  3. Adding too much coconut

After adding all the coconut, I spooned it out onto wax paper. Here was the outcome:

My Haystacks

They didn’t suck… as one can assume from the number of them I’ve eaten. I’ll finish them off too- maybe even let Joe try one. However, they probably won’t be made again… at least without some updates.

vodka + sore throat ≠ happiness

I am sitting at the airport (O’Garas – drinking vodka-water with a cherry and lime) waiting for my flight to Denver, CO. I’m going to visit my bestie Drew, and I’m very excited. I haven’t seen him since I was out there in July, and it’s been way too long. This is all I have for now- maybe something exciting will happen here though and I’ll get to update this post! Hey-o


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